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  • Seasonal Prayers for Children: November

    A beautiful, Waldorf-home, natured-inspired blessing/verse for children in the month of November….   Child’s Prayer for November Leaves are twirling everywhere – shaken by the autumn wind, spinning through the air. Thank you for time to play and time to work, time to think and time to dream. This verse is by Juliet Harmer author…
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  • Poem: Leaving Is A Playground Is Not Love

    Leaving Is A Playground Is Not Love  It is the indecision of a seesaw. The wood chips. You told me never again live in  tender. The wood has grain as if I could engrave. For you a monkey bar. For me  straw and light. For you the scurry of an ant. The sky spreads out…
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  • A nondenominational protection prayer for families

    A beautiful blessing for all religions, particularly nice at bedtime… The Protective Robe of Light Prayer I surround myself (or insert name of person here) with the protective robe of light with the love, wisdom, and strength of God not only for my own protection, but for all who see it or come into contact…
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