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  • Last minute holiday shopping: A green, ethical, and fun guide

    The Green Mama gives a few tips for shopping green, ethical, and last-minute

    No worries, I am not one to lecture about leaving shopping to the last minute. I am pretty sure it is the only shopping my family ever does. It seems to be made worse by my family’s disdain of typical consumerism. Yet, to handmake all the gifts I so desperately want to bestow on the teachers, friends, family, and many other loved ones I know, I would have needed to start months ago. And, I didn’t.

  • Toxins and your child’s brain: do little things matter?

    Watch this amazing video to feel as smart as the best scientist in less than 5 minutes. Do little things matter when it comes to your child’s brain? When I say little–I mean so tiny we couldn’t see with a human eye, on drop in a swimming pool type exposures? The unfortunate answer is YES…
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  • Tips for natural living and parenting in the modern world

    Dear Sofi, thanks for your question. I feel ya! Even after 15 years as an ecological designer and green consultant, I still felt like it actually needed to be a full time job to figure out how to be a more natural mom. So much so that I wrote the book and have dedicated my…
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  • Making Images for the Green Mama Book

    Manda, better known now as The Green Mama, and I met twenty years ago on the first day of cross-country preseason when I was a freshman and she was a sophomore at Oberlin College.  There was an instant energetic connection that has persisted from the very first moment.  Was it because we were both devout vegans at…
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  • How to Write a Book, Blog, or Article. #MyWritingProcess

    How does a person write a book?   There are as many answers to that as books, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to learn from looking at the writing process. Indeed, there is much to learn and share and thus I was thrilled to take part in the #MyWritingProcess blog tour. It’s…
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