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  • Cleanse 101: Juicing, fasting & detoxing your insides

    I worked with Dr. Sanja Tamburic, a naturopathic physician, to develop a 21-day cleanse for myself and I thought it would apply or inspire many others. Who should cleanse? This is a relatively gentle cleanse and I like that it isn’t a fad-style cleanse (with a fancy name and a requirement to do something weird…
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  • Bone Broth Recipe

    Bone broth is nutrient rich and great for the whole family, including babies. It’s the only thing other than breast milk and water, that I ever put into bottles for my babies. Ingredients: •    Approximately 4 pounds of organic (ideally free-range) marrow bones, knuckle bones, bits of leftover beef (or lamb or venison or buffalo…
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  • Green Juice Recipe 101

    Green Juice Recipes What we don’t need when juicing is a bunch more sugar, what we do want is readily accessible vitamins and minerals. That means the juice should be at least 60% dark leafy/ 40% other vegetables and fruit. 60% leafy jean can mean kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, cilantro. 40% can include apples, pear,…
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  • Detoxify Safely While Pregnant or Breastfeeding

    Margaret Floyd Barry is the author of the Eat Naked books and a nutritional consultant. She explains that there are two parts to detoxifying: cleaning house at a cellular level and drainage to make sure the toxins have an easy exit. This second part is essential and often forgotten in a person’s enthusiasm to get…
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