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BKR water bottle

BKR is a line of fashion forward iconic glass water bottles.

What's To Love?:

Glass is truly the holy grail when it comes to both health and taste when talking about reusable drinking containers. Since glass is chemically inert and naturally occurring you don’t need to worry about chemicals such as BPA or phthalates leaching into your water. Stainless steel and other metals may boast these claims, but they often flavour the water with a more metallic taste, unlike glass which has no transfer.

Design Rating:

BKR is a favourite among celebrities and fashionistas for its streamlined minimalist look, amazing colour palates, and trendsetting capsule collections.

For me it’s all about the small opening. It makes sipping water so much easier than the wide mouth glass bottles I’ve used. No accidental dumps of water down your blouse. It also helps me not put weird concoctions into my water bottle. Just pure H2O. And if you really need to have ice cubes or clean out your BKR after you used it to decant gin and tonics at the beach, they’ve got you covered with accessories such as BKR ice cube trays and bottle brushes.

Social Rating:

BKR is committed to social responsibility. They partner with charities such and donate a portion of proceeds to these causes. They also are committed to sourcing materials and labour in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Carbon Rating:

Bottled water is a carbon footprint nightmare! Shipping heavy water all over the globe really adds up.  Switch to filtered tap water in a stylish BKR.

Waste Rating:

By eliminating your reliance on bottled water you will end your participation in one of the biggest water wasting practices on earth and stop your share of throw away bottles ending up in the landfill or in pristine natural habitats. If you ever need to dispose of your BKR know that all of its components from bottle to lid to sleeve are 100% recyclable.

Value Rating:

BKR will set you back more than say, reusing a pasta sauce jar as a water bottle… But at $28-$40 depending on size and style these ‘investment’ bottles aren’t a huge bank account hit when you take into account their endless re-usability and the fact that you’ll never have to drop a dime on bottle water again !

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