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Donna DeForbes is a Philadelphia native currently living by the bay in Rhode Island. A graphic designer and writer by profession, she spent eight years educating others about marine pollution while working for Save The Bay. Becoming a mother motivated her to delve deeper into natural health and green living. In 2008, she began her Eco-Mothering blog with the intention of documenting her daughter’s life while sharing eco-friendly information with the larger parenting community. Today, Eco-Mothering explores ways to make going green fun and easy for the whole family. Donna is the author of The Guilt-Free Guide to Greening Your Holidays. She has also written for, Bamboo Family Magazine and several children’s magazines. Her penchant for childlike silliness can be seen in her blog alter ego, Eek the Monkey. When not working, Donna enjoys hiking, reading, zumba, wine, good humor and long walks with her husband and daughter on a pollution-free beach.