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  • Poisoned!? What every mom needs to know about sugar

    How your child’s organic, unsweetened juice is poisoning them almost as fast as a beer, a can of soda, or an HFCS-laden sports drink.

    I love research and I love nutrition.  So when in one week a friend sent me a funny SNL skit mocking High Fructose Corn Syrup commercials and another friend sent me a lecture by Robert Lustig on why sugar is a poison,  I knew it was time to delve deeper into the issue of sugar.

  • How safe is your kid's school lunch?

    It’s back to school time again and do you know what your kid is eating? Chances are if she is eating the school lunch, you don’t. Behind the heading of “hamburger with fries,” “pizza with vegetables,” is a dirty little secret that might be harming your child.  (Yes, this is a re-post, BUT school lunches are one of the top green issues facing parents and children when going back to school.)

  • Is breastfeeding an environmental issue?


    The other day a mama I know blushed as she was talking about nursing with me and said, “But I guess breastfeeding isn’t really an environmental issue.” It is something that I think is important, but is it an environmental issue? There are three components of “green” that apply to this question: impacts on the environment, impacts on health, and economics.