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  • Solving the mystery of excessive energy bills

    Why is my electric bill so high? When we moved to a rural island community in B.C. a year ago, we discovered a lot about green building and how to manage our electricity bills. We knew that it was more than just a situation of going from city expectation to rural expectations, because of a…
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  • Eleven Effective Habits for a Greener 2011

    In 2011 green will be the thing.  Green is the fastest growing trend in food, buildings, and businesses. The entities that are thriving are those that are taking sustainability as part of what is essential. There are 11 habits that will guarantee that your lifestyle is more sustainable this year. Get good at them and you will save resources, money, and your health AND you will have fun in the process.

    1. Make ORGANIC a habit

  • Notes from Vancouver: Earth Hour just in the attitude?

    The results are in: Earth Hour was a success—mostly. As I have already mentioned, our family has been walking around gloating about our 85% reduction during Earth Hour.  (We know this because we are taking part in a real-time energy-use monitoring pilot with Pulse Energy.)

  • Out-conserving the neighbors: what Earth Hour is really about.

    In our family this year, we are celebrating Earth Hour by monitoring our energy use.  Hooray!??  (Earth Hour is celebrated around the world on Saturday March 27, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. in whichever time zone you reside. You can participate by simply turning off your lights—or unplugging the computer and TV—for that hour.)