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  • Children and Cavities 101: Diet, the Dentist, and the Cavity Epidemic

    How to (Realistically) Creating Healthier Mouths and Naturally Prevent Cavities I was stunned. My five-year-old daughter’s first molar was so rotten that she needed to have it replaced with a crown. We eat well, she is rarely exposed to sugar or even juice, and she is (forced) to brush and floss regularly. She was sedated…
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  • My child has cavities, why and now what?

    I can feel your pain. I, too, have felt that I have done everything “right” on the diet front and yet my children have also had cavities from a young age. To make matters worse, even after doing a ton of research on the dangers of phthalates in dental sealants, I had a dentist in…
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