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  • The Best Family Bikes: Family Biking 101 Guide

    The best bikes for families (even for larger families) Biking as a family is great: it’s fun, relatively affordable, feels virtuous, and my kids absolutely love it. Family biking, though, has special needs. When biking with a child, most riders feel extra cautious. The bike is heavier and has additional appendages and there are lots…
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  • Why bike? by numbers

    60% of a cars emissions are released in the first few minutes of operations Most short trips, 82% of trips less than 5 miles, are made by car 40% of all car trips are within 2 miles of the home Biking ranks 2nd in most preferred method of transport Up to 20 bikes can park…
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  • De Fietsfabriek: The Car-go Bike

    You can have children in Chicago without a car and do it well. One of the great advantages to living in this city is how relatively easy it is to live without a car.  Easy, and it will save more than $7,000 a year for each car you are not paying to own and operate, according to the Center for Neighborhood Technology.