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  • Tips for natural living and parenting in the modern world

    Dear Sofi, thanks for your question. I feel ya! Even after 15 years as an ecological designer and green consultant, I still felt like it actually needed to be a full time job to figure out how to be a more natural mom. So much so that I wrote the book and have dedicated my…
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  • Alternatives to bleach and anti-bacterial hand soap in schools?

    Dear Admin I am so glad to hear you have read the Green Your Classroom article. For administrators and school officials of all sorts, I also highly recommend you read The Green Mama’s Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools. This guide includes some healthier, green alternatives to bleach. There are many commonly available options now…
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  • Are moms worried about the wrong things? How to keep your child safe in today’s toxic world.

    I’ve had a slew of Ask the Green Mama questions recently that boil down to this: What are real dangers and what are the imagined dangers of parenting? This is at the heart of most questions, isn’t it? What will really kill my baby and what is actually not worth the stress of the worry. 

    Of course, much of this we just don’t know. Parenting is risky, because life is full of unknowns. Today’s science, however, is telling us much about where our worry line should be.

    Here’s what we do know.

  • What is the dirty dozen?

    Dear Green Mama: What is the dirty dozen?