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Wee Woollies Children’s Apparel

Wee Woollies is the first Canadian designer and manufacturer of 100% merino clothing for kids. They have a full line of base layers,  pyjama, and separates for kids aged infant to 8 years.

What's To Love?:

  • 100% Natural Materials
  • Locally made in Vancouver BC
  • Fun colours
  • Easy washing instructions
  • Long lasting
  • Comfortable and stylish

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Wee Woollies entire line is made 100% natural material with no synthetics.

Merino Wool is naturally fire resistant which means that they can pass Canada’s strict children’s sleepwear flammability laws with no added flame retardants. This is great news for all parents who feel uneasy about their children sleeping in a cozy nest of chemicals each night.




Design Rating:

I love the simple straightforward design of Wee Woollies line. They are using excellent materials that will please parents and fun colours to excite the little ones wearing their products. The Merino Wool is comfortable, breathable, and super soft.

I love that they make 2 piece pyjamas in size 1 year! Many companies only offer the footed PJ’s for children this small which is really complicated for kids who are doing EC or early potty training.

But the best design feature that Wee Woollies offers consumers is their no-fuss washing instructions! I have accidentally ruined countless wool pieces that get mixed in with the wrong laundry pile. Wee Woollies can honestly be tossed in with your regular wash and dry and come out the other end unshrunken or with no pilling! It’s a woollen miracle!


Social Rating:

Wee Woollies uses only top grade Merino wool from Southern New Zealand. The material is third-party certified by ZQ  to ensure sound farming and animal husbandry methods. They also have Bluesign certification which shows that all of the finishing and dying of the garments are causing no harm to people, plants, animals, and water.

In addition to certifying their materials Wee Woollies has decided to have their products manufactured locally in Vancouver BC. By keeping their production here in Canada they can create local jobs and ensure that the workers making Wee Woollies are treated respectfully.

Carbon Rating:

By producing garments locally and using natural materials Wee Woollies incurs a much smaller carbon footprint than most clothing manufactures that source the cheapest fabrics and labour resulting in a product that travels the world over before reaching consumers.

Waste Rating:

As stated above, Wee Woollies is committed to producing their products ethically and with the environment in mind. By using natural fibres and dyes they are reducing their toxicity and toxic waste output.

Value Rating:

$65 for a pyjama base layer set that includes longs pants and a long sleeve shirt. Definitely more expensive than PJ’s from Joe Fresh, but well worth the extra cash. They are so great in cool and warm weather. They also last longer than any other base layers we’ve used because they are so fool-proof in the wash. These are the kind of clothes you save for your next child or pass onto neighbours.


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