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Von Bon Apparel

Von Bon is a Vancouver based  clothing company that makes stylish wardrobe staples for babies and kids. They use all organic cotton and water-based inks.

We packed Leggings and a Bandana  on our Californian road-trip and they made perfect additions to Henry’s travel wardrobe. The pieces layered up perfectly and the bib bandana helped me ‘save’ so many outfits from teething drool.

We love Von Bon!


What's To Love?:

– Locally Made in Vancouver BC

– Mama-run business

– Really intuitive pieces that integrate seamlessly into existing wardrobes

– Certified organic

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

The entire line is made with certified organic cotton and water-based inks.

This is a huge health bonus for the little ones in our lives because children have more surface area to body mass than adults. Which means that comparatively they have more skin to bone, brain, muscle and organs than we do. When you think about that coupled with the fact that cotton is the most pesticide-sprayed crop on earth and that we can absorb chemicals through our skin as much as through our guts, babies are at heightened risk of absorbing toxic chemicals through their skin when they wear non-organic clothes.


Design Rating:

Gender neutral styles, colour palettes,  and patterns are surprisingly hard to find in the world of baby gear, and Von Bon does it so right. All of the pieces are in complementary tones making mixing and matching blankies, bibs, and leggings a breeze.

Made of super soft organic cotton with impeccable attention to detail, the prints are designed in-house and created with water-based inks. We love the unique designs.

Cute enough to stand out at the baby shower and practical enough to use every day.

There is so much to love about this mama-run business. Their  leggings are even cut generously enough to fit a cloth diapered bum! a real eco-bonus!!




Social Rating:

Von Bon Apparel is hand made in small batches in Vancouver BC. Using locally-sourced labour, certified-organic material, and water-based inks ensures that the planet and people aren’t endangered in the creation of these super cute baby-wears.

Von Bon is an active participant in the local small-business culture on Vancouver BC. This online and in-person engagement helps foster a thriving and responsible community of makers.

Carbon Rating:

By keeping it local Von Bon helps reduce their carbon footprint well below that of other baby brands that ship labour, materials, inks, dyes, and designs around the globe.

Waste Rating:

The commercial textile industry can create extreme amounts of waste and toxic by-products. I love that Von Bon uses water-based inks for all the designs printed on their certified-organic cotton goods. This helps keep toxicity and excess waste down for baby and the earth. They also use minimal packaging on their apparel which minimizes on how much you need to throw-away once you get the garments home.    

Value Rating:

A great value for a locally-designed, handmade, organic item.

And since all of the styles and colours are neutral they will last through many seasons and many babies, all the more reason to invest in some Von Bon for your bambino.

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