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Valentine’s Day Favourites

Some of the hallmarks of Valentine’s days past such as champagne, red roses, meals at expensive restaurants are suddenly not in the picture for this pregnant mama who just moved to a remote island. Buying flowers out of season or eating food prepared by someone else isn’t really a thing in the winter on Cortes Island… read on to find out some of my favourite green gifties from the west coast and beyond for those mamas and families who are only burning candles today because their power is out ! And even if Valentine’s isn’t your thing these presents make awesome gift ideas for all occasions. Just swap out pink and red for a more everyday colour scheme 😉


Gunamuna Gunapod Luxury Bamboo Sleep Sack. Mother-run company making some of the best and easiest to use sleep sacks out there. Grab one in their new very valentines-y heart pattern and give the gift every mom needs: a good nights sleep for baby!

ChewBeads Necklace. A favourite among mothers of teething tots. Reach for one of these stylish necklaces to keep your little one out of pain without the BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Cadmium, or Lead found in other toxic plastic teething products. And look good while doing it !

BKR Water Bottle. A classic gift for someone who is about to go through the marathon of child-birth or a newly nursing mom looking to hydrate in style. They come in a zillion colours and keep you quenched without plastics. Bless.

Padraig Cottage Slippers. A west coast institution! The perfect present for a mama and babe who want to play twins. From teeny-tiny newborn to XL they are also awesome on any cold toes this winter.  These are the handmade dream slippers that keep on giving and getting better the more you wear them.

Denman Island Chocolates. Canada’s Chocolate company for those who like their’s organic and dark. A favourite treat, especially around a ‘candy holiday’ such as V-Day when they release their iconic matte foil wrapped seasonal goodies! <3

Falcon Enamelware.  Officially to be used as espresso cups, Falcon Enamelware has made the perfect plastic-free, won’t-break-like-glass, cup for little hands. We have a set in all the colours for the kids table, but red is the obvious choice for Feb. 14th.

Grimm’s Wooden Truck. Grimm’s makes perfect wooden toys for the children in our lives. Select something for your little one that lasts longer than a sugar high.