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Unikati & Co Jewellery

Unikati & Co is a Toronto-based company that opens artisans from around the world and their unique, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted art to the Canadian market. Selling everything from jewellery to toys to bags to clothing, they bring together a curated collection of ethically and environmentally sustainable objects direct to our door. As a social enterprise, they realized that in many remote regions, commerce is more powerful and empowering than charity. Stylish and Uplifting.

What's To Love?:

  • A woman-run company
  • Many of the artisans are preserving local culture and tradition
  • Unique hand crafted items that would be hard to source elsewhere
  • affordable and stylish

Overall Rating:

Design Rating:

All of the pieces selected for the Unikati & Co are impeccably designed and crafted by traditional artisans around the globe. With a diverse slate of gorgeous good there is sure to be something for every taste and price point.

I love that my wrap bracelet is not only beautiful jewelry, but a wearable story, of the women in Guatemala who created it.

Social Rating:

Unikati & Co offers fairly paid work to artisans and their families, so that workers, especially women workers, can thrive in their local communities.

This model also helps crafts people preserve often rare and dying art forms by finding or creating global markets for these beautiful crafts.

Waste Rating:

Much of the materials used are upcycled or small batch produced.

Value Rating:

Unikati & Co offers a taste of global fashion and design to the Canadian consumer at a fair rate. From $15 for a simple bracelet to $160 for a deluxe diaper bag, there is something to match every price point.

Unikati & Co have done a fine job of striking a balance between affordability and honouring the hard work  and worth of the artisans.

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