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Henry wears Alpine Baby Adventure Leggings in ‘woodland fox’ 

Underables is a brand new Vancouver-based web shop that sells ethical and sustainable undergarments for the whole family. From pjs to bras to socks, Underables sources the best organic undies from around the world and brings them to one convenient URL.

A one-stop shop for the family who won’t compromise style or integrity.

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

It is always advisable to wear underwear made of natural fibers for health reasons. Most practitioners will suggest clean cotton as the gold standard for staving off down-under health concerns like UTI’s and yeast over-growth. But with cotton being the most pesticide-laden crop on earth, it seems that we’re caught in a health catch-22. With Underables you don’t have to think twice. All of the lines they carry are made of natural materials that are certified organic. A health win all around

Design Rating:

What really sets Underables apart from other natural and sustainable online retailers is their commitment to modern, fun, fashion and design. Long gone are the days of having to sacrifice style for sustainability or the other way around. Their commitment to working with brands that believe that sustainability  is just as important as great design means that you can feel excited and proud to sport all the pieces in their inventory- and look good doing it!

Social Rating:

This mama-run business is committed to a ‘behind the seams’ approach to fashion. They look for quality garments that are made in a way that promotes safe conditions for farmers, designers, workers, and the communities they comprise.

Carbon Rating:

Certified Carbon Neutral by BLUEdot register.

Waste Rating:

Underables ships direct to your door. Saving you the effort, and the planet the emissions. They stock brands with minimal packaging and amazing products with long lifespans and classic silhouettes. This reduces waste by avoiding the fast-fashion cycle (buy something cheap and trendy only to have it go out of style or fall apart) that most of the retail world is trapped in.

Value Rating:

Underables stocks a variety of brands from around the world and offers unique pieces at many price points. They also have a great sale section where you can hunt down even better bargains. These basics are more of a splurge than mall brands but well worth the extra money in the long run.

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