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Trailersteading: How to Find, Buy, Retrofit, and Live Large in a Mobile Home By ANNA HESS



Trailersteading: How to Find, Buy, Retrofit, and Live Large in a Mobile Home (Modern Simplicity Book 2) is a new read that is part DIY manual, part inspiring memoir about making back-to-the-land housing dreams reality. Written by the always innovative Anna Hess, this book is a step beyond her popular blog The Walden Effect, offering concrete advice from 13 different case studies of folks renovating and living large it tiny (or not so tiny) trailers. 

I love that Trailersteading looked at mobile home ownership and renovation from many different perspectives. Showing off tips, tricks, and aesthetics that can appeal to a wide range of readers. From fancy trailers disguised as ‘real’ homes to multi-trailer compounds fit for growing families, Trailersteading has something for everyone.

An obvious buy for anyone who is retrofitting or renovating a mobile home, but it’s also a subtle winner in the library of any DIY’er, homesteader, renovator, or dreamer who is interested in alternative housing ideas.

Available online for Amazing Kindle or in paperback form.