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Tiny Talkers – Baby Sign Language

Every parent knows, that one of the most frustrating obstacles that you may experience with a young child is communication. Before our little ones can verbally express themselves, it is a guessing game. They have a clean diaper, they have been fed, they do not seem too hot or too cold – why is my child upset!? We’ve all be there. I have noticed, that several moms have found a great way to relieve this frustrating: through baby sign language!!

Baby sign language is simply teaching your child the simple signs that they may use on a daily basis (more, please, thank you, hungry, thirsty, etc.) that can help improve communication and the overall bond between parent and child. Shira Fogel with created Tiny Talkers to help parents across the world learn how improve their communication with their child – from the convenience of their own home!

What's To Love?:

Greener Aspects

All of the Tiny Talker classes are held online. This is about as green as it gets! Parents do not have to worry about a set schedule, preparing to get your child and yourself ready to leave the house (which we all know can take much longer than we ever anticipated). When signing up for Tiny Talkers, parents are given a user name and password, then, you have access to all of the sign language videos online! Videos can stop and start at any time, whether baby is sleeping, partaking in video with you, etc – the possibilities are truly endless all within the convenience of your own home.

What’s to love?

Having an incredibly low carbon footprint while educating yourself and your child and improving your communication has love written all over it! My husband and I have even began to sign to one another when it is difficult to communicate (on a loud plane, letting each other know that our child needs her diaper changed without yelling “SHE MADE A POOPIE!” across the restaurant, etc).

The videos are organized in a way to allow parents to engross themselves as little or as much as they would like. The introduction can be an eye opener to the wonderful benefits of using sign language with your baby. All of the videos allow you watch, pause, rewind, skip, etc – all at your own pace and within the time that you need. Being a parent is the hardest and busiest job I have ever had, but learning how to use sign language at my own pace, without being rushed, has made my life easier in more ways than one.

What’s not to love?

No complaints here!

Why buy vs. go without?

Absolutely buy. Even if your child is speaking well, there will still be times when verbal communication can be struggle. You will get as much out of this program as you put into you, and only positive outcomes can arise.

Reviewed by Amy Kay

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Improve communication and the bond between you and your little one can be priceless and can only improve your health.

Design Rating:

The website is user-friendly but not as simple and straight forward as some other sites. Still – 3 Leaves.

Sign for "help." Image courtesy of Tiny Talkers.

Sign for “help.” Image courtesy of Tiny Talkers.


Social Rating:

I see no negative social impact whatsoever.

Carbon Rating:

You are using a computer/electricity, but it is a much smaller amount then if you were to be constantly driving to a class.

Waste Rating:

Value Rating:

Sign for "Butterfly." Image courtesy of Tiny Talkers.

Sign for “Butterfly.” Image courtesy of Tiny Talkers.