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Thesis Beauty is an all natural botanical line of beauty products that is “dedicated to the development of truly organic skin care products helping people with different skin types achieve healthy looking, glowing skin”. They have created an extensive range of amazingly potent and nourishing products, from facial oils to soap to scrubs their line is like food for your skin! Since they utilize only the purest (mainly food grade) ingredients much of the line is safe for the whole family from tots to elders. With minimal packaging and a wallet friendly price point, Thesis is quickly becoming our go-to. I’ve tested out their facial oils, body oils, bar soap and chocolate face mask to great success.

What's To Love?:

– natural, organic, food-grade ingredients

– no toxic synthetics or processed elements

– proudly vegan family run business

– large and diverse line of skin products suitable for many skin types

– low price point comparatively to other natural skin care products

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

All of Thesis’s products fall between 1-3 on the EWG’s Skindeep Database (a website I love and trust that is dedicated to rating beauty and cosmetic products from 1-10 based on there ingredients and practices. 1 being safest, 10 being most toxic). I am often surprised and outraged by the scores of many so-called green cosmetics! It’s not easy to attain a low toxicity score using EWG’s metrics so seeing their favourable rating for Thesis made me feel excited.

I love that Thesis understands the link between healthy food grade organic ingredients and beautiful skin. As we’ve stated time after time, your skin is your largest organ and ‘eats’ more (toxins and nourishing antioxidants) than your gut. They have chosen to only include raw and unprocessed ingredients that have never been refined. They clearly state that the only reason to use synthetic or processed ingredients is to extend shelf life (and manufacturers profits), which isn’t their business goal. They are truly passionate about human health, environmental health, and  the social health that comes with building community around these important topics.



Design Rating:

The minimalist packaging with dark apothecary style bottles and botanical drawing laden paper labels seems purely esthtitc at first but after a quick glance on their website it seems that many of the gorgeous design elements are a happy accident born out of their commitment to sustainability.

I love the silky smooth texture and simple scents of their product line. And I’m smitten with the fact that my son can dab a few drops of body oil on after the bath as well. . . He’s 20 months and in a very enthusiastic phase of trying to be just like his mama 🙂

Social Rating:

Thesis is a family run business that is committed to bringing healthy skin products to the masses. The beauty industry is notoriously under regulated and doesn’t require brands to comply with a certifying board before making natural and organic claims. Despite not needed to do so legally, Thesis has sought third party certification from Leaping Bunny and USDA Organic and has become a  PETA Friends Business.

They are also committed to truly vegan products stating that animal derived ingredients and animal testing is not necessary for quality or efficacy when it comes to skin care.

Carbon Rating:

Thesis sources ingredients from the USA where possible. By using oils and extracts that are local they can ensure the quality of the ingredients and the labour associated with gathering, as well as reduce the carbon footprint of their business.

Waste Rating:

I love Thesis's dedication to sustainability and waste management. Not only have they thought of what materials they will use for packaging (recycled glass, 100% recycled treeless paper, and very limited plastic components, etc.) but how their product and it's packaging will fair over it's entire life cycle.  They even go into depth about why glass is a favourite material for companies who wish to reduce waste and help the earth by stating "Glass is made from sand - sustainable & non-toxic resource. Although not biodegradable, it is at least non-toxic while deterioration and production. It can deteriorate over time – it then blends with sand or can be found as sea glass. Being heavier than water, glass sinks and does't kill sea animals unlike floating plastic (not that we are encouraging anyone to throw it in water!) ". Well played Thesis !

With most products in the $10-30  range Thesis Beauty won’t break the bank.

Green Mama Approved