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Here at The Green Mama, we basically live by the mantra reduce, reuse, and recycle! Part of the 3 R’s involves clothing. While hand-me-downs are the best way to reduce, reuse, and recycle clothing within in a household, its inevitable that we will need new and different items. If you are an avid consigner like myself, you know that consignment stores are great places where you can really find some gems – and get some bang for your buck! But what about when you don’t have time to go out of the house to shop? Rest your fears; is here!

What's To Love?:

Greener aspects

Shopping on allows customers to look at everything from gently used toys, DVDs, clothing, to décor, and even maternity clothes without stepping foot in your car. Shopping from home keeps your carbon footprint low and does their part by using right-sized cardboard boxes to ship their material to your doorstep.

What’s to love?

I LOVE how easy the site it to use. It’s clean, simple, and straightforward. You can easily browse, pick out exactly what you want, check out (PayPal or credit card), and your new items will be to your house shortly (I chose the standard delivery -$0.00!!).  If you sell your own items, you can “swap” products, or pocket the money. I really feel this is a great way to use the 3R’s efficiently; you can get rid of items you are no longer using (keep the house from clutter), get paid for your items, and have the opportunity to SWAP for items you need…at a discounted rate! (You can also save items enabling you to combine for one large purchase and delivery!)

I also love that they take pictures of the actual item that you would be purchasing. This really helps you feel confident of the level of wear/tear that you are getting with your purchase.

The items I received were truly gently used. They are some of my favorite outfits for my daughter. When children grow out of their clothes so quickly, it feels great to pay less but still keep the quality.

What’s not to love?

Although though the items I bought (3 articles of clothing and 3 books) were all packaged very nicely and labeled clearly, they were still in small plastic bags in the cardboard box. If there were a way to ditch the plastic bags, it would be close to perfection!

Why buy versus go without?

If you need to buy clothing, toys, etc., for your child, this is a great opportunity to get your shopping done without leaving the house. It is an affordable, efficient, and fun way to do your shopping and stay true to your green heart.

Overall, this site and concept are wonderful. If the plastic packaging became obsolete, it would get 5 leaves for sure!

Review by: Amy Kay

Overall Rating:

Design Rating:

Site is easy to use. Again, better packaging and it would have 5!

Carbon Rating:

Transportation is a vital key to sustain this business. Its simply part of its nature. Although the overall cause is wonderful, the transportation does add up. Shopping locally can be a greener alternative.

Waste Rating:

Everything bought can be resold, reused, or recycled (except for those plastic bags!)

Value Rating:

Moms are busy and usually on a tight budget. This site can really meet the needs of green mamas everywhere.

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