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Strathcona 1890 Seeds

As we enter into colder months in Vancouver it’s finally time to wrap up our out of doors activities and hunker down for a grey and drizzly season. For most of us lucky enough to have one, this means putting the garden to bed until next year.  For me winter is definetly more about eating food than growing it.  Which is why visiting with Judy to talk about Strathcona 1890 Urban Seed Collection in late October seemed counterintuitive. After our late afternoon discussion I came away with a kit to grow micro greens on my window sill (which sprouted after only 2 days in my drafty basement apartment!!), some Plant Tonic for my indoor greens and a new perspective on urban gardening. I am excited to try out their seed kits next spring and this December as the perfect gift for curious kiddos and green-thumbed relatives.

What's To Love?:

What’s to love?

  • Local, sustainable, mama-run business
  •  All kits come with clear instructions and recipes
  • Positive impact on the environment, community and body
  •  Beautiful packaging and clever combinations of seeds


Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Inspiring kids (and their parents) to get excited about growing gardens has enormous health impacts. Numerous studies show that even the pickiest eaters enjoy food more when they have had a hand in growing or preparing it. Gardening goes beyond having better quality ingredients on your dinner table, it also promotes health by getting kids outside and moving around. This can be a great mental, emotional and physical break from brain numbing screens and seated activities.

Environmentally speaking encouraging local production of food is a healthy idea. Some of the wonderful organic, fair-trade components of our favorite meals still have to take airplane rides to get to our kitchens. The more local we can make our food systems the better.

Design Rating:

Beautiful. This one word basically sums up the Strathcona 1890 packaging. Which isn’t surprising seeing as the companies founder was a designer long before she got into the open-polinated, non GMO, heirloom seed racket. The kits come tucked in neat little canisters with labels featuring historical botanical illustrations.

Social Rating:

Strathcona 1890 Seeds has community at it’s core.  Believing that food security isn’t good enough, they advocate for food sovereignty. This looks like igniting a child’s interests in how they eat and teaching them to grow organic vegetables rather than just giving them a hamper or a handout.

This desire to do more than the status quo has manifested itself in the Urban Seed Project, an initiative that has helped create food programs and gardens for some of Vancouver’s most marginalized.

Strathcona 1890 Seeds is truly dedicated to positive change– one seed at a time.

Waste Rating:

It's not hard to imagine the myriad of ways the attractive Strathcona 1890 Seed canisters could be re-used after their contents in safely tucked into the soil. I think that very few of them will end up being thrown away or recycled. And all leftover seeds can be composted, and may even manage to find their way into your garden next year as a 'volunteer'.

Value Rating:

As far as Organic, Non-GMO, Heirloom seeds go Strathcona 1890 is in line with comparable packets, and in some cases slightly cheaper. They savvy packaging and clever combinations, such as the Zombie Apocolypse Survival Seed Kit, makes them all the more worth while.

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