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Spirit Bear

Spirit Bear is the exciting tale of Annuk, a white bear born to a family of black bears, who gets lost and must find his way back home. Along the journey he meets many friends and enemies native to British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest.

The book and additional resources are educational and beautiful.  Captivating for parents, teachers and budding young conservationists  Spirit Bear is bedtime story I will reach for again.

What's To Love?:

What’s to love?

  •  Exciting and engaging story that incorporates animals indigenous to coastal British Columbia in an informative way
  •  Printed in Canada on recycled paper
  •  Educators Kit comes with activities and worksheets that elevate the book and make it come alive!


Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Design Rating:

Michael Arnott’s illustrations capture the diversity of the Great Bear Rainforest and the unique and beautiful creates that inhabit it.

The Educators Package is well designed and filled with resources to captivate kid’s minds.

Social Rating:

The book acknowledges the Gitga’at Nation and the many animals of the Great Bear Rainforest with respect.

Carbon Rating:

Waste Rating:

Many kids books  these days have an environmental message or focus. However telling a story about protecting the planet if the ink, paper and production of the physical copies of the book are harmful and degrading to the world around us is misleading at best. Spirit Bear and Eco Books 4 Kids have taken the time and resources to be accountable for the production and waste created by their books.

Value Rating: