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SATYA Organic Eczema Relief

SATYA is a Vancouver company creating beautiful organic balm to treat Eczema. SATYA was founded by a mother who wanted something other than steroids to treat her daughter’s Eczema. After searching and coming up with nothing to fit her new-mama standards, she made her own all-natural balm for her baby and for our babies too !

We shared our SATYA sample with friends and were amazed at the myriad conditions it seemed to remedy. From persistent Eczema to dry skin to diaper rash and chapped lips, this multi purpose balm works overtime to solve you skin issues effectively.

What's To Love?:

– USDA certified Organic

– Made with only 5 ingredients !

– Scent-free and suitable for sensitive skins

– All-natural earth-friendly packaging

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Even though skin care products aren’t held to the same standards for labelling and packaging as food SATYA went for gold and got their Eczema Relief Balm certified organic by the USDA. The balm is made with just 5 ingredients: Calendula, sweet almond oil, beeswax, colloidal oatmeal and jojoba. They spell out the ingredients one-by-one on their website which is super helpful for anyone with a specific allergy or just a general interest in what goes into their favourite product. They also don’t use any fragrance, parfum, or even essential oils, so this balm is beautifully scentless and safe to use on the most sensitive skins.

Design Rating:

SATYA comes in 2 sizes; A 50ml glass jar that is perfect for home use and a metal travel compact that you can sneak into your purse, diaper bag, or airplane carry-on. The packaging is tastefully designed and totally plastic free. I haven’t experienced any leaks or spills. SATYA is manufactured by Patrice, the founder and owner, in her kitchen. This small-scale approach helps ensure high product standards.

Social Rating:

SATYA is a mother-owned company and a ‘mother’s touch’ has clearly been applied to this brand’s ethics. From using  post-consumer recycled packaging made by a Woman Owned Business Enterprise to spelling out how each ingredient encourages the restoration of our world’s bee population, SATYA is ensuring that the people, plants , and animals needed to create their product are respected.

Carbon Rating:

SATYA uses labels and boxes for their packaging that are printed with all soy and vegetable bases inks. They are made with 100% post consumer recycled paper products and the manufacturer offsets their operation with renewable energy credits from wind power !  

Waste Rating:

All of SATYA's products are packaged with paper, glass, and metal. Using these safe and stable plastic-free packages for their natural and organic product means that virtually everything can be safely recycled or biodegraded over time.

Value Rating:

50ml glass jar is $24 CND and the travel compact is $6 CND. A great value for a certified organic product ! You can buy online or at various retail locations across Canada.

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