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Rescued Clothing Company

Since my son’s birth this May getting dressed isn’t something that happens reliably everyday. When an activity calls for more than stained sweatpants I’m often a bit stumped. I want to look good, feel confident, be comfortable and have easy access for nursing. Checking off all these necessities while balancing the environment and my bank account usually proves impossible. Enter Rescued Clothing Company– A Vancouver based fashion brand that takes clothing destined for the landfill and turns them into casual dresses with a conscience.

What's To Love?:

What’s to love?

  • Locally made in small batches
  • Recycled fabrics
  • Comfortable and stylish !


What’s not to love?

  • Thrifted and rescued clothes often lack  an organic certification
  • Slightly more expensive than your average play-dress

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Design Rating:

Comfortable enough to wear around the house and cute enough to wear to the playground.

Easy to wear, flattering and very nursing friendly.

Social Rating:

These dresses are hand constructed in small batches in Vancouver BC rather than in an far away factory with deplorable working standards.

Waste Rating:

The excessive culture we have created in recent years and appetite for fast-fashion means that the average clothes wearing human is cycling through garments long before they are worn-out. This is creating a massive quantity of discarded textiles, from an H&M blouse that you bought on sale to wear to a Christmas party to some on-sale jeans that never fit you quite right, there are millions of pounds of spare clothes that are perfectly wearable. Often too many for charity shops and Value Village to deal with. This means that these orphaned outfits are ending up in landfills or worse yet, on a boat headed for a developing country. Rescued Clothing Co. is breathing new life into otherwise undesirable and discarded clothes. Mitigating waste and creating a mama-run venture that is worth supporting.

Value Rating:

For $62.99 you get a locally constructed and recycled garment. It is seemingly a lot more than the $5 dollar frocks pedaled by retail giants such as Forever21, but when you consider the environmental and social benefits of buying from Recycled Clothing Co. it is well worth the extra money.