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Pons: The Avarcas Sandal from Menorca

I love my Pons. I must admit that I originally accepted a review of these shoes simply because I was curious, and a bit skeptical. There are few shoes that I really consider green and I find most sandals are no exception and are often made to be “disposable” (or at least only last a year or two).  When I learned about Pons–a greener sandal option–I wanted to see for myself.

In short, the Pons–with their real leather, recycled rubber soles, and Spanish-make–are proving to be among my most worn shoes now AND my very fashion-forward mother-in-law just informed me that she loves them so much that she is going to buy herself some. In other words they are both Green Mama Approved and fashionable.

What's To Love?:

Truly, I love my Pons. I love that they are made with real leather, that they are made by the original Menorca, Spain family that originally made these shoes, and that they have worn to fit my feet perfectly.

They are a simple shoe with just two sections of leather holding the shoe to the foot and a comfortable leather footbed and simple rubber soles. I got a fancy, metallic color that has–after wearing for almost a year straight–started to cuff a bit at the toes. May I stress again that I have worn these shoes nearly everyday for a year, including every day in Guatemala as I walked the rock and pebble paths of my daily life and this Spring and Summer walking the sidewalks and parks of Vancouver.



Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Leather and rubber are good, natural, healthy options for feet.pons on bike girl

Design Rating:

A simple, elegant design.

Social Rating:

Avarcas USA PONS is a family-run business and they work with third-generation craftsman in Menorca (look for the “Product of Menora” seal).

Carbon Rating:

The company doesn't discuss their carbon footprint (from what I could tell), but they do use recycled rubber bottoms and real leather. And, they get kudos however for not using plastic and for working in Spain which has higher environmental and labour standards than many developing countries, like China.

Waste Rating:

These sandals don't use plastic, come in simple boxes, and are made to last, AND use recycled rubber soles.

Value Rating:

At around $70 to $80, these shoes are worth the investment. They fit well (and simply, they stretch to mold the foot) and are far more elegant and long-lasting than a pair of flip-flops or most simple sandals. And, they are far more affordable and simpler than most high-design sandals. They are made for children, women, and men and work with a dress or pants.  And, they come in a million colors–so you can go simple or go snazzy (they even have sequins options).


Green Mama Approved