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Piperoos Basic Baby Changing Pads

Piperoos Basic Baby Changing Pads are made with 100% organic cotton in Los Angeles California. Founded in 2014, this eco-focused company has created a super stylish multi-purpose cloth that goes from blanket to change mat to burp cloth. I feel like I can never get enough receiving blankets  and still find myself tossing one in my bag well past the days of burping and swaddling. Having reusable  cloths handy allows me to keep everyone tidy but still mitigate the amount of tissue, toilet paper, napkins, disposable wipes, and paper towel that end up in the landfill.

What's To Love?:

– Made with love and 100% organic cotton

– Cute patterns

– recycled packaging and soy-based inks

– classic multi-purpose cloth that will be used in all situations

Piperoos uses 100% organic cotton to make their cute pads. Cotton is the most heavily sprayed crop on earth when it comes to pesticides, so choosing organic is a must for all fabric goods that will come in contact with your families skin.

Design Rating:

Bright vibrant patterns that will integrate seamlessly into your diaper bag and nursery. Super soft and absorbent. Can be used as a change pad on the go, a mat for tummy time, a burp cloth, a makeshift towel, a peek-a-boo prop.. you name it, this cloth can do it!

Social Rating:

A small company with a dedication to keeping the labour used to create these cloths in the LA area.

Carbon Rating:

Piperoos does all the manufacturing of their cotton pads from package to product in the Los Angeles area. And they purchase carbon offsets for every package shipped.

Waste Rating:

In my experience, quality cotton blankets are so necessary in so many situations you will NEVER need to get rid of them. ever. for as long as you live! But if for some reason you need to dispose of your Piperoos cotton pads they are made of 100% natural materials. Piperoos also has chosen to use packaging materials made of  recycled cardboard. You can put the box right in your curb-side recycling to start the cycle again and give the used box yet another life.

Value Rating:

$26.99 USD for a 3-pack of their basic organic cotton pads. This is an average price to pay for something that can be used in so many ways and for so long.