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Since 1982 Natracare has been a leader in the natural feminine hygiene realm. In the last 25 years they’ve managed to keep try to their original goal of creating healthy and safe products while expanding to a full line that women will love.

What's To Love?:

  • Plastic free
  • natural materials
  • certified organic
  • gynaecologist recommended
  • bleach and dioxin free
  • affordable
  • comfortable and discreet

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Natracare is a great choice for women who are concerned with their health. Unlike Natracare,  conventional tampons and pads are filled with plastic, synthetic fibres, and chlorine bleaching residuals, which can exacerbate or cause Vaginal Thrush and Allergic Feminine Irritation (AFI). There is also new evidence published by The Journal of Infectious Disease in obstetrics and gynaecology that concludes that 100% cotton tampons may reduce the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) compared to tampons containing Rayon. Selecting an organic 100% cotton tampon like Natracare is a wise move for health conscious women.

Design Rating:

Natracare products are designed with women in mind. They have a full range of products with a multitude of absorbencies and sizes so that there is something for everyone. I love their applicator-free tampons. Tiny and hardworking, they always do the trick for me. I primarily use a menstrual cup, but it’s nice to tuck a few of these in my bag in case something comes up, or to lend to a friend in need.

Social Rating:

Natracare is committed to choosing the most low impact materials and processes when creating their products. This means championing organic farming practices and carrying out a complete life cycle analysis from raw material to end result. They also have sought 3rd party certification to back up their claims and are proudly able to display that they are a USDA Certified Biobased Product, a Nordic Ecolabel Seal, Soil Association Certified Organic and Vegetarian Society Approved.

Waste Rating:

Compared to conventional disposable tampons and pads, Natracare is better at minimizing and mitigating waste. They are responsibly made using no chlorine bleach, thus creating no dioxin waste. They also contain no plastics and are biodegradable and compostable. This makes them the best choice for disposable menstrual products, but not as waste-free as reusable options such as Luna Pads or The Diva Cup.

Value Rating:

Natracares line of organic cotton tampons, pads, panty liners, and now baby wipes! Are all slightly more expensive that the cheapest in-house store brands. But this is because they use more expensive and healthier materials, processes, and packaging. I was excited to see that compared to other natural, organic, and 100% cotton brands of feminine hygiene products Natracare had the most competitive price point. A great choice if you are looking to get into the world of natural menstrual products.