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MyMayu Toddler Play Boots + Liners

As a born and raised Vancouver girl, I take rain gear very seriously. I have lived my entire life slightly damp and know the value of a great umbrella or an actually waterproof shell. Which is why when my little guy started to stand and toddle this winter I needed rainproof solution for his teeny toes. But at only 9 months Henry was too little for classic wellies. Enter MyMayu, the perfect rain boot for babies. The first time Henry wore his new boots to the playground we got a slew of questions and comments, and every time we’ve stepped out since we’ve had at least one compliment. Functional and fashionable. There is so much to love about MyMayu Toddler Play boots!

What's To Love?:

– Comes in small sizes for early walkers

– Lightweight, flexible, durable, water-resistant and breathable

– Can be used as snowboots when you add the liner

– Mama-run local business

– North-American manufacturing from start to finish

– Adorable and unique


Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Experts agree that the healthiest shoes for babies are no shoes at all. But once our little ones begin to walk, shoes become necessary to keep their feet protected. Restrictive, heavy, ill-fitting (three characteristics of the classic rubber boot) footwear can have long-lasting health ramifications.  Many makers of children’s rain and snow boots haven’t started making tiny sizes for early walkers, which creates a challenge if your little one decides to start walking in winter. This is the exact dilemma MyMayu founder Suzanne faced before she created soft, flexible, light and easy to slip on water-resistant boots in sizes that fit babies as small as 9 months!

Due to their water-resistant nature MyMayu boots are not made with organic materials. However, they adhere to EU textile standards and never use  harmful chemical or dyes.

Design Rating:

These boots are adorable and functional. They come in a large selection of colours and patterns. You can mix and match the liners to suit your munchkin’s style.

They have perfectly positioned elastic bands. Loosen them to slip little feet in with ease and then cinch them up so you don’t lose a boot in the puddles.

My favourite feature is that they collapse and can pack into your pocket or suitcase with ease. We travel and camp a lot as a family and I love all things that pack well.

My only critique is that it can be a challenge to get the boots on my wriggling 10 month old when we pair them with socks and the liner. It usually takes a little patience and time. Lucky for me we live in balmy Vancouver and don’t have many days that dip into the low temperatures that merit their use.

Social Rating:

MyMayu boots are made in North America. The Vancouver-based company manufactures their boots in Mexico and is currently transitioning the manufacturing of their liners to Canada. MyMayu is committed to creating great boots for little ones at an affordable price-point while creating jobs and respecting workers in the process.

Carbon Rating:

Manufacturing the boots from start to finish in North America helps keep the carbon footprint low. As a mama-run company, MyMayu is committed to keeping the earth safe for future generations. This is evident in the shift of their liner production to Canadian manufactures.

Waste Rating:

The soles of MyMayu boots are recyclable and they have been using  recycled polyester for the upper of some of their kids boots. These boots are very durable and fold up small so you can buy one pair and save them for all of your kids. Ultimate hand-me-downs!

Value Rating:

At first glance, these boots might seem a little expensive ($74 for a boot and liner combo) for something that your little one will surely grow out of. But when you consider the health benefits of a properly fitted boot and the lack of options in the market it becomes clear that MyMayu boots are worth the splurge.