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ModRoomz Furniture

ModRoomz is a US-based, family run, modular furniture company specializing in multi-purpose pieces. Founder Dani Zargel came up with the concept of modular furniture that can be reconfigured to grow with your family after he watched friends essentially throwing away changing tables, cribs, and highchairs after they had stopped meeting their needs. When he and his partner found out they were expecting their first child it galvanized him into action and ModRoomz was born.  A truly green option when it comes to furniture, ModRoomz is all style, substance, and innovation !

What's To Love?:

  • Parent-run, home-based business
  • Made with NuGreen Eco MDF
  • Uses only non-toxic paints
  • Thoughtful design that grows with your needs
  • Truly green from material, labour, packaging, and energy

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Environmentally, using reclaimed and recycled materials can be a great way to turn waste into something new and save virgin forests from falling. Unfortunately these recycled wood products come with a human health implication. They use resin and glues that off-gas chemicals like formaldehyde which can lead to toxicity and exacerbate health conditions like Asthma. ModRoomz has kept this in mind and has decided to use an eco Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) called NuGreen. NuGreen is made in Canada of 100% recycled wood fibre with no more off-gasing than a tree in the forest. Third-Part certified by Forest Stewardship Council and Eco-Certified Composite by the Composite Panel Association.
ModRoomz also uses Ecos Paints (a Green Mama favourite!) a totally non-toxic paint option that touts itself as ‘safe enough to drink’. These extra steps ensure that the finished furniture is safe for little ones.

Design Rating:

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ModRoomz has thoughtfully created a range of furniture that can be used creatively throughout your home. Most of the pieces work together to create everything from a highchair, to a coffee table, to a desk, to shelves.

We have been thoroughly enjoying our royal blue Personalized Toy Box. The box was shipped flat to our home and was a cinch to set up. We didn’t even need power tools ! just a screwdriver. The hinges are specially designed to stay open when the lid is lifted, and shut slowly so as not to pinch little fingers. ModRoomz has gone a step further and created a recess beneath the lid so that even if the hinges fail there is a gap.

We also love that our toy box works over time as a bench. Another nifty feature is the dividers that separate the cavernous box into 3 separate compartments. Key to avoiding the messy mystery box of too many jumbled toys. We’ve elected to use baskets to keep organized for now because Henry loves to play INSIDE the box when it isn’t housing his toys. Toy box, bench, tiny home!

Social Rating:

ModRoomz is currently a one-dad-show ! With all the designing, building, shipping, and promoting being done by founder Dani Zargel. He’s taken his love for creating  and his desire to be a work-at-home parent, and made a line of stylish eco-furniture.  By supporting this home-grown business you are buying a product that is local, ethical, and green.

Carbon Rating:

By using  100% recycled Eco MDF to construct their furniture they are reducing their carbon footprint well below that of major modular furniture giants like IKEA. ModRoomz also operates on a more human scale, with the sourcing of materials and building of products occurring in North America from start to finish. Even the solar power that provides the workshop's electricity is renewable.

Waste Rating:

ModRoomz has been specifically designed to avoid the common trap of furnishing your baby's nursery only to have to re-outfit it every few years as your child evolves from infant to toddler to child. This approach inherently mitigates the waste created by trading in a crib for a bed, or a changing table for a dresser for a desk. And furthermore ModRoomz has elected to use a new Eco MDF that uses recycled and recovered wood fiber (instead of virgin trees) which saves forests and avoids sending perfectly good materials to landfills by giving them a second life. Our ModRoomz recycled cardboard package arrived and we were impressed to see that there was no styrofoam or other harmful packing agents inside. Even the nuts bolts and screws to put the box together were kept together in a fabric bag rather than plastic. Kudos ModRoomz.  

Value Rating:

Our personalized toy box costs $199 USD. It may seem like an investment but we have found it to be a more than worthwhile addition to our nursery. When you consider the superior materials (for both health and environment) as well as the cost of paying fair wages to the designer and creator of the furniture, ModRoomz is a great value.

ModRoomz is generously giving Green Mama readers a 15% discount off all purchases through 01 April 2016 when they use the discount code GREEN15. Thanks ModRoomz

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