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Mindful Soap Co. Essential Oil Roll-Ons

Mindful Soap Co. is a natural beauty and wellness brand that has created a line of beautiful products around the all-natural healing power of essential oils. Trish, mother and founder, was first awakened to the potency of essential oils while her son was receiving therapy from the Brain Balance Centre for Autism. She turned this new observation into a thriving business that combines natural and healthy ingredients with specific essential oils to stimulate different responses in the consumer.

We already love Mindful Soap Co’s Lotions, so we were excited to try their brand new Roll-On Essential Oil Blends.


What's To Love?:

  • free of parabens, phthalates, artificial dyes, sulfate, and artificial fragrance
  • mother-made business
  • great products rooted in science and traditional wisdom
  • affordable

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Essential oils and their therapeutic uses are at the heart and soul of the Mindful Soap Company. We love both the healing and preventative health strategies that essential oils can employ. They are a much healthier alternative to many toxic ingredients found in a myriad of products throughout your home. From kitchen, to bathroom, to medicine cabinet, essential oils can replace some of the worst offenders, often with more powerful results.

I tried the Relax and Relief blend. Both were amazing and lived up to their names, calming and soothing me after each application. They also contained things like lavender, rosemary, and peppermint, which have been helpful this summer to repel insects. Double Duty !



Design Rating:

The roll-on design makes applying essential oils a breeze. I also found that the cap sealed effectively, and have not had any issues with leaking. I can just toss the roll-on in my bag and have the goodness of essential oils where ever I go.


Value Rating:

$13USD per 10ml roll on is a standard price for therapeutic grade essential oil blends. They also give you the option to bundle in 3-pack or 6-pack formats and save. You can purchase online or at certain retailers.