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Maya Wrap

The Maya Wrap is my most used baby essential. There hasn’t been a day since the birth of my son where I haven’t made use of our sling.

I first got hooked on baby wearing as a nanny. I found carrying children made our bond stronger and helped me to tune into their needs and personality. I loved navigating the city and our daily routines with them close. I saw language and motor skill development skyrocket when I kept children at ‘adult eye level’. They were learning about the world and I was learning about them. It also helped mitigate tantrums and general fussiness. I could start to pick up on early cues of hunger, discomfort and tiredness.

The Maya Wrap helps me multi-task by freeing up my hands to feel the firmness of fruit in the market or hang diapers on the line all while being present and in the moment with my baby close to my heart and in my gaze. I feel strong, beautiful and connected when I wear my baby.

The Maya Wrap is an elegant tool to assist me in my mothering.

Overall Rating:

For the health of your relationship with your baby the Maya Wrap is a must! I love having the little person I am caring for right in my arms. You catch wet diapers, temperature issues, and discomfort right away. And you get to make eye contact, joke, smile, and chat with each other all day long.

For the Health of your baby there are many camps. I am not the only baby-wearing mama to tout its benefits. I think it’s the right choice for me but I still heed the warnings that are plastered all over carriers sold in Canada. Pay close attention to breathing, temperature and position when wearing your baby in any carrier.

For the health of your back you want to be careful! I started wearing Henry from birth so his weight and size increased with my strength. Be cautious if you begin baby wearing a larger child with the Maya Wrap. It is designed to distribute weight as evenly as possible but it is still a one shoulder carrier with no hip support… you need a strong core to carry heavy loads for long durations.

Design Rating:

I love Maya Wrap! They are simple and intuitive to use and adjust. There are no complicated snaps, clips or straps. They can be shared between caregivers of different body types and sizes with ease.

My  favourite part about ring slings is once I’ve reached my destination and it’s time to take off the sling  it folds up like a small blanket and can be tucked into my bag. No more stress about stroller parking or having to haul a huge structured carrier around the aquarium. My second favourite feature is the pocket! I never lose my keys anymore.

Maya Wrap is also perfect for my public transportation family. We don’t have to struggle with a stroller on the bus and once we are seated it is super easy to take our baby in and out of the sling on board. It also makes a great cover for more discreet nursing during those crowed rush-hour feeds 🙂

We even use the sling at home to keep baby happy and ‘in arms’ when I need my arms free! I love tossing a salad or folding laundry as a mama and babe team.

Social Rating:

All of the beautiful hand loomed Maya Wrap fabrics meet the Global Organic Textile Standard and are dyed without harmful substances and chemicals.

This is one of the most comprehensive textile accreditation and ensure that the farmers and textile workers involved in the production of Maya Wraps are not harmed by working with dangerous chemical pesticides and fabric dyes.

Maya Wrap is certified Fair Trade and ensures that all employees are paid fairly.

Waste Rating:

Maya Wrap resells gently used slings and a discounted price on their webstore.  

Value Rating:

Coming in at just under $100 the Maya Wrap is not a flippant purchase for families on a budget. However when considering other baby transportation costs like a stroller or structured carriers the Maya Wrap is actually on the lower end of the spectrum.

If it still seems like it’s out of your price range Maya Wrap has options. You can browse their discounted ‘outlet’ store and find gently used wraps for a better price or make your own from the sewing pattern Maya Wrap has generously made available online. I made my first wrap style carrier from that pattern for just under 15$ using thrift store fabric and rings bought at the leather crafting store.



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