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Matador Droplet

The Droplet by Matador is a super compact wet bag/ dry bag that you can use to to keep wet stuff away from the contents of your bag (or dry stuff safe from moisture). It opens big enough to hold 3 litters worth of your possessions and it folds up tiny to fit on your key chain so you always have it handy. The droplet is cuter and less wasteful than the stash of crumpled plastic at the bottom of your diaper bag. It’s excellent for messy mamas and their adventuring kiddos.

What's To Love?:

– Compact and reusable

– Stylish and functional

– Affordable

What’s not to love?

– made of synthetic materials

– manufactured overseas



Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

The droplet’s primary function is to keep moisture in it’s place. It does this effectively but at the cost of using synthetic materials which may not be as ‘healthy’ as natural organic fibers. There are a lot of trade offs in the world, and sometimes carefully used plastics are a modern mama’s saviour.



Design Rating:

The ultra light extra compact design and cute silicone blue droplet make this product an A+ for both form and function. I especially love that I can stash it on my key chain or attach it to my bag so I’m never at swimming lessons unprepared for the onslaught of wet things.

Social Rating:

Matador is a start up company employing people in different capacities. They are currently not striving to go above and beyond what is required of an employer.

Carbon Rating:

Matador sources materials from around the world to make its products.

Waste Rating:

If you often find yourself using throw away plastic bags to keep dry and moist things separated then matador's Droplet could make a big impact in your household waste.

Value Rating:

At 14.99$ this little cutie won’t break the bank. And with most reputable local grocers charging for plastic bags these days you could even be saving money in the long run ; 0