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LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls

Many of us are starting to take notice of the various ways in which we can reduce toxicity in our homes and families. From organic foods, to natural beauty products, to natural organic cotton clothing, our consciousness is growing and many people are switching to greener alternatives. The laundry room is often the site of some pretty big daily “eco-infractions”. Enter LooHoo’s Wool Dryer Balls, a natural way to soften, reduce static and more efficiently dry clothes.

Founded by a soon-to-be mother who was overhauling her life to make a toxin-free nest for her new arrival. Her journey began in the laundry room (since we all know that new babies bring love, joy, and laundry to our homes!) and the LooHoo Wool dryer ball was born.


What's To Love?:

  • Made in USA individually by hand
  • Uses only locally sourced wool from USA sheep
  • Safe, durable, effective
  • Saves time and energy by reducing dryer time
  • Mother-run company
  • Comes in Colorful (using safe, low-acid dyes) or Natural which are un-dyed
  • Affordable

Health Rating:


LooHoo Wool dryer balls are definitely a much healthier alternative for your family than dryer sheets. They contain no fragrance or chemicals that can be left on clothing as a residue. Which means you are not adding any extra toxins to your families bodies through their clothing.

Since they are made from 100% wool they actually absorb toxins and odours out of fabrics and into the dryer balls!

Design Rating:

LooHoo’s are as fun as their name. They brighten up my laundry routine and make me smile. I love how they come in tons of fresh colours (all dyed naturally of course!). But I love how they improve my laundry routine even more. The LooHoo dryer balls have been significantly reducing the dry time on my loads. I also love that they are naturally anti-microbial and thus deodorizing 🙂 My laundry is coming out fresher than ever !

Social Rating:

LooHoo’s are made in Maine from 100% domestic wool. Supporting local industry, workers, and farms is all part of LooHoo’s strategy to be sustainable and ethical. They get their wool direct from a nearby historic mill and have it processed into dryer balls at a local piece manufacture. USA made from raw material to labour to finished product.

Carbon Rating:

Loohoo Wool Dryer Balls can shorten your drying time by 10-25%. This helps you reduce the amount of energy your family uses helping the environment through reduced emissions and your wallet through reduced electricity bills.

Waste Rating:

Unlike dryer sheets, Loohoo Dryer Balls are reusable. This means no more throwing away flimsy chemical filled one-time-use dryer sheets. And unlike their disposable counter parts, dryer balls reduce drying time, cutting down on your electrical waste. When they time comes (after hundreds of loads!) to refresh your stash of LooHoo's you can repurpose them into cat toys (if your cats haven't already done that for you) or rest easy knowing that these 100% natural balls will safely decompose with little impact to our precious planet.  

Value Rating:

You can snag yourself a LooHoo wool dyer ball starting at $9.99 each or at a discount if bundled into 3 or 5 packs. And you can pack anywhere from 3 to 12 of these balls into a load depending on its size. LooHoos are a great investment because they can be used again and again and actually end up saving you money in energy costs over the long haul.

Find them in over 200 North American retailers (including your local Whole Foods Market) or online right here.

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