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LNBF Clothing

LNBF is a Canadian-based brand of eco-sensible women’s wear that has the goal of creating stylish clothes that won’t negatively impact our environment. LNBF stands for ‘Leave Nothing But Footprints’, and like the conservationists that coined the term, LNBF strives to be an environmental steward.

What's To Love?:

What’s to love?

  • Made with organic materials
  • Canadian based company


What’s not to love?

  • Manufactured in China
  • Hand-wash only


Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

The skin is our largest organ, and can absorb as much as, if not more, than our gut! Many of us have begun to think about skin care with this in mind, and have switched to beauty products that have organic and edible ingredients. But what about the clothes that touch our skin all day and night?

Cotton is the most pesticide sprayed crop on earth. Which means that certified organic textiles is a huge issue for earth health and human health. LNBF clothes are made using Organic Crop Improvement Association certified textiles. This third party assesment assures quality and consistencey in all the fabrics that LNBF sources.

Design Rating:

I absolutely love my Melanie Top (pictured above). I have been living in it since it arrived. I wear it to yoga, the store, dinner parties and bed! It super soft organic cotton with just enough stretch to make nursing a breeze. I find it’s slightly boxy cut perfect for layering. Equal parts comfort and chic.

I also got a chance to try out the Emily Tunic, the Suri Legging and the Maya Dress. LNBF clothes are well made and have a variety of pieces I can imagine myself wearing day and night.

One design issue is that their care instructions indicate that hand washing and laying flat is best for LNBF garments. This might pose a challenge to some busy mama’s out there that have a never-ending wash pile. I hand wash many of my vintage pieces already and have a drying rack permanently set-up for cloth diapers so it was easy to add my new LNBF outfits to the hand-wash rotation.



Social Rating:

LNBF is committed to community as much as the environment. They have created their own LNBF Earth Award to honour outstanding women who are doing amazing things for their communities and planet. Recipients receive a bursary to help sustain their innovative projects.

They also partner with global green organizations such as the David Suzuki Foundation to ensure a bright green future for all.

Carbon Rating:

Manufacturing the garments in China and using mainly organic bamboo means that LNBF has a larger carbon footprint than companies that source materials and manufacture goods in North America.

Waste Rating:

The production of bamboo based fabrics is somewhat challenging. The process from plant to fiber is very intense. There is much more work and chemical processing needed than other organic fibers. LNBF mitigates this by sourcing bamboo fabric from a factory that uses a closed-loop system, which means that all of the byproducts made in the creation of the fabrics are re-used.

Value Rating:

The pieces have a higher price point than many women’s retailers found in the mall, but their use of organic fabrics make them worth the splurge.