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Kooshoo Ulitimate Kids Pants

Kooshoo is a family run ethical clothing company that has endeavoured to make the ultimate kids pants! Founded by a husband and wife duo, the established business already creates yoga-specific unisex headbands and multi purpose shawls. They are currently crowd funding their brand new kids leggings that will last up to 3 times longer than most children’s apparel. Check out their website and Indigogo Campaign to see how they plan to revolutionize kids clothes.

What's To Love?:

  • Ethically made from material to manufacturing
  • Passionate local company
  • USDA certified organic cotton
  • 3x long wear than traditional kids clothes
  • Beautiful hand batik prints

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Kooshoo is a word borrowed from the native language of Norfolk Island and it means ‘feeling good’. This ethos runs right through Kooshoo’s ultimate kids pants. From material to design these pants FEEL GOOD. Cotton is the most pesticide sprayed crop on earth. All the fabric in our lives from bath towels, to bed sheets, to underpants contain traces of these harmful chemicals unless they are certified organic. We love that Kooshoo seeks out certified organic cotton for their kids pants and uses all natural dyes, ensuring no toxic chemicals come in contact with our little ones largest organ, their skin!

Design Rating:

Kooshoo is a design miracle. By optimizing the waistband and cuffs of the pants and utilizing a generous harem style cut they have managed to create a pant that goes from diapers to underwear, baby to toddler ! This is exciting news for those of us trying to keep up with our growing babes and the conventional 3 month sizing increments of major kids clothing labels. Below is a photo of Henry at 2 years old still rocking a pair of 6-18 month pants.


Since Kooshoo pants last 3x longer than normal kids pants they have been sewn and designed to withhold the extra wear and tear. Kooshoo pants are made to be outgrown before they are outworn.

I am in love with the hand batik fabric! Gorgeous and stylish in person.

I also love the wide waist band design. So much more tummy friendly than other pants. 🙂



Social Rating:

Kooshoo is designed in Canada and made from start to finish in L.A. This small business is employing local artisans from throughout North America and describes its staff in terms of immediate and extend family. In addition to this job creation they are also channeling 11% of their sales towards a non-profit organization dedicated to providing lower-income folks access to yoga. Visit Karma Teachers for more details on the good work being done.

Carbon Rating:

Kooshoo dyes and creates their pants in the world's only 100% solar-powered dying facility. They are also using only 100% biodegradable packaging and shipping materials.

Waste Rating:

I have been employing a myriad of strategies to keep my fast-growing toddler clothed. From share and trade networks to purchasing over-sized outfits for him to grow into, I sometimes feel like managing his wardrobe in an earth-friendly manner is a part-time job. I can't be the only parent who goes to slip on a sweater their kid wore last week that now suddenly doesn't fit !   Kooshoo is offering a beautiful and functional solution that can be worn longer and passed down easier. This helps mitigate the huge resource waste and garbage problem that our fast fashion industry is creating.

Value Rating:

Most Parents balk at spending a lot of money on children’s clothes and shoes because they know their kids will soon outgrown them. This makes splurging on local, organic, or sustainable brands feel like too big a financial burden. Kooshoo is making beautiful clothes for kids that last 3x as long as competitors sustainable and local goods…. at the same price point! Stylish, Sustainable, Affordable.



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