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Neitra Body Botanicals

We absorb as much as 60% of what we put on our skin directly into our blood. For children it can be closer to 90%. We would never eat the waste of petroleum, known toxins, endocrine disruptors, and perfumes, but we put that stuff onto our skin.

Formerly known as Just Jingo, after founder Jingo, this amazing line relaunched in 2015 as Neitra (because Jingo got a partner and hence it wasn’t just Jingo). The line continues to provide the finest, most natural organic soaps, shampoos, deodorants, hand balm, lip balm, diaper balm, belly balm, nursing balm, face tonic, thieves blend, dog wash, body butter, and more. Learn more at


What's To Love?:

What’s to love?

1. These products use only the purest, cold-pressed oils and forego toxic chemicals and petroleum by-products

2. Everything smells great with the help of essential oils and no synthetic perfumes or fragrances (and the corresponding phthalates and toxins)

3. Hand-made in Vancouver

4. Packaged in little metal tins, glass jars, and even metal spray bottles that are easy to reuse and recycle

5. My favourite items are the deodorant, shampoo bars, soaps, and lip balm. I also highly recommend the Thieves Blend essential oils which can be used to prevent illness of all sorts.

What’s not to love?

1. The littlest size tin, for the trial size lip balms for instance, are a real bugger to open.

2. I don’t use a lot of coconut oil on my skin in the Winter as I find it a bit drying (I prefer sesame seed oil, almond oil, or olive oil) and the body balm I tried contained coconut oil. My kids however loved it and the consistency and smell were amazing! For oilier skins it is likely perfect.


Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Only the purest oils, essential oils, and other edible ingredients.

Design Rating:

Shampoo in a bar! It may take a few times to get used to, but you will love it too because it lasts so much longer and doesn’t require alcohol and other drying additives. All around the products are designed to be beautiful and 3

Social Rating:

A small, woman-owned company, using great ingredients, made locally and delivered in reusable metal tins. The company is just about perfect–I am sure once she grows she will also add additional socially responsible aspects.

Carbon Rating:

Locally made, using organic ingredients when possible, and avoiding plastic and excess packaging. And, she makes it in Vancouver which gets most of its energy from low-carbon hydro.

Waste Rating:

Did I already mention how minimal the packaging is and how sweet those little metal tins are?photo 4

Value Rating:

While you may not be accustomed to paying $6.99 for a bar of soap, I bet you will be amazed to only pay $7.99 for shampoo that lasts seemingly forever. The deodorant is about $11.99 and the body butters and balms are around $15 for a large size. All around a great deal for the quality. Just Jingo body butter

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