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Jack & Jill Natural Kids Toothpaste

Jack n’ Jill is a family run natural oral health brand that has been manufacturing toothpaste in Australia since 1949. They have recently launch the line in North America, and we couldn’t be happier. Jack n’ Jill set out to make the safest toothpaste for their family – and yours – and wound up making a product that is also “the most fun and the most yum”. We’ve been taste-testing the Strawberry Natural Toothpaste with our toddler to great effect.


What's To Love?:

– No Fluoride, Artificial Preservatives, SLS and no added Colour
– Gluten Free, Cruelty Free
– Free of GMO’s and Palm Oil Derivatives
– all natural, hypoallergenic toothpaste with organic ingredients

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Jack n Jill scores 1 on the EWG database. Which is the healthiest and safest rating that can be obtained. They have left out all of the nasty and toxic chemicals found in many toothpaste brands (even those claiming to be natural!) and replaced them with healthy and orally hygienic ingredients like soothing biodynamic Calendula.

Since many children swallow toothpaste as they are learning to brush their teeth, and have tender gums from teething, an all-natural paste with a truly green ingredients list is a MUST. Jack n’ Jill leave dangerous chemicals like triclosan and fluoride out of their formulas.

Design Rating:

Everything from the  6 tasty and kid-approved organic flavours, including a flavour-free flavour for sensitive kiddos, to the fun graphic packaging was designed with children in mind. Jack n Jill is excited about making oral hygiene as fun, healthy, and painless as possible.

In addition to their awesome pastes they also manufacture the worlds first Non-GMO cornstarch based toothbrushes ! fully recyclable/biodegradable 🙂



Social Rating:

family run company that is committed to creating environmental sustainability through improving everyday products, like toothpaste and brushes, to help consumers reach their personal environmental goals.

They take this a step further by ensuring their products are housed in minimal, recyclable, BPA free packaging.


Value Rating:

$6.99 USD for a tube of all-natural organic toothpaste is a comparable price point to other natural toothpaste brands one would find at the store. They also ship worldwide.

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