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ILIA Beauty

Laura is wearing ILIA Crimson and Clover Lip Conditioner. photo by 


ILIA Beauty is a makeup brand that serves up high quality organic beauty products that the every mom can covet. Founded in Vancouver in 2011, ILIA began as just six lipsticks and has grown into a full-scale beauty line based out of LA. California.

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Since becoming pregnant in 2014 I have begun a quest to reduce toxicity in my life. I have never been one to wear much makeup, but I do love a bold lip for special occasions. After checking formulas and brands on the EWG’s Skin Deep Database it became clear that all the ‘best’ lipsticks were full of known toxins and needed to be eliminated from my life. Who wants to kiss their baby and leave an imprint of  toxic heavy metals such as chromium, cadmium, manganese, aluminum and lead? ILIA Beauty doesn’t use the toxic ingredients that have become the backbone of the cosmetic industry. Founder, and fellow mama, Sasha Plavsic, has gone to great lengths to ensure that ILIA’s entire line is healthy and beautiful. 



Design Rating:

For me the best part about finding ILIA Beauty is that it doesn’t sacrifice pigmentation and colour options on its quest to be natural and organic. I gave up lipstick altogether because all the best looking formulas with amazing stylish colours were essentially poison in a tube (for $30 dollars…) and all the more natural and organic brands seemed to not make it through my morning green juice.  ILIA has found a way to take natural beauty seriously and make seriously amazing lipsticks in the process.

Social Rating:

ILIA maintains high standards when it comes to third-party certification. They are currently certified USDA Organic, Leaping Bunny Cruelty-free, and Gluten Free.

Carbon Rating:

As far as we can see ILIA Beauty isn't doing much to offset their carbon, but they state on their web page that  as they continue to evolve as a company they plan to broaden they certifications. Hopefully this will include certified carbon neutral in the future!

Waste Rating:

All of ILIA's lip products come in recycled aluminum cases.

Value Rating:

At 26 dollars a tube, ILIA  lipsticks and lip conditioners fall outside the realm of drugstore beauty, and will cost you quite a bit more than your Burt’s Bees collection. But when you consider the cost of popular premium beauty brands like MAC (19 dollars for a lipstick) and NARS ( 27 dollars for a lipstick) ILIA Beauty is an on par choice. When you consider the health benefits of going organic for your lip care it becomes a great deal.