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Hydroflask is an innovative company from Bend, Oregon that is revolutionizing the insulated container game. From the humble beginnings of a simple water bottle to a line of over 100 products, Hydroflask is set to “save the world from lukewarm”. Keep an eye on this growing company as they expand to Europe and worldwide over the course of 2016.


What's To Love?:

  • Keeps your bevy’s cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 6.
  • BPA and Phalate free. Made of food grade stainless steel
  • Super light-weight, perfect for travel and hiking
  • Donates 5% back to charities
  • lifetime warranty
  • over 100 products to choose from!

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Made from food grade stainless steel that never has BPA or Phalates included, Hydroflask is a whole lot healthier for you and your family that other light weight options such as plastic.



Design Rating:

Hydroflasks proudly use their patented TempShield™ technology to keep your drink hot for up to 6 hours and cool for over 24. Their stainless steel containers have a double wall that helps create vacuum insulation, and they also feature the first insulate cap on the market. Which means the heat or the chill can’t escape through the top.

In addition to being a healthier material than plastic, stainless steel doesn’t allow for flavour transfer. Which means you can switch up your Hydroflask from hot coffee to crisp cool mojito without tasting your last beverage in your current drink.

You can also tell that the bright minds behind Hydroflask are also active outdoor enthusiasts who know how important keeping your bag light for the trek can be. Hydroflasks are attractive and effective, but most importantly, they are ultra light.

True design innovators , Hydroflask has created the first fully insulated growler (including an insulate cap). Craft Beer lovers rejoice! It’s no wonder Hydroflask keeps winning award after award for their awesome designs.


Social Rating:

Hydroflask is committed to being more than just a purveyor of fine insulated stainless steel containers, they are also supporting charities and organizations through their nifty 5% back program. You just log onto their website with your Hydroflask serial number and select the charity of YOUR choice from world wildlife fund to charity water to red cross to fair trade USA, there is something for everyone on their roster of  12 rotating opportunities to give back,

Carbon Rating:

I love that Hydroflask is providing lifetime warranties for their products. This commitment to the durability and lifespan of their containers means that you can rest assured that Hydroflask is an investment you only need to make once.

Waste Rating:

Hydroflask, like any reusable container, is making it easy for us as consumers to put down the throw away cups and embrace a lower impact waste reduced lifestyle.

Value Rating:

With a full range of containers ranging in price from $21.95- $60 USD Hydroflask is on par with other high quality stainless steel reusable containers on the market.