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Happy Baby Cheeks Cloth Diaper Service

My pregnancy was a bit of a surprise. Part way through a year long adventure with my husband I found myself in the Swiss country side with a positive pregnancy test in one hand and a quick list of what I would need to do to prepare for this baby in the other. By the time I finally reached a baby book or a midwife my list had grown exponentially longer. It seems like every aspect from pre-natal nutrition to the way we give birth to what things we need in our nursery (or if we even need a nursery at all.. ) has many options and choices to decide from. An overwhelming amount of choices.

I hadn’t given much thought to diapers before there was a baby growing in my womb, but once the time had come I thought about it. A lot. I read all the books and watched countless Youtube videos. I looked into many diapering schools of thought. After diligently researching systems and methods I concluded that a set of BumGenius cloth diapers was the route for us. With in-suite laundry included in the price of our rental, and the idea that we wanted to have at least 2 babies in our future, investing in some quality diapers seemed like the least expensive and most eco-friendly option for us. And since I am a stay-at-home mom I figured I could easily keep up with the washing. 5 months into our diapering life we are loving our choice, but part of me could’t help but wonder about our unchosen diapering paths. Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence? What about compostable diapers? What about hybrid disposable/cloth?? What about diaper service?!

This is why I was beyond excited to begin my Happy Baby Cheeks diaper service trial.  Something about having someone take away a pile of dirty diapers and replacing them with fresh clean ones seems almost too good to be true. I was giddy when my first shipment arrived. I genuinely LOVED opening up that giant sack of diapers. I decided to try the full package, Premium diapers, wipes, covers and some products including the amazing and all-natural Cheeky-Stick Diaper Cream. It was like a Christmas present.

What's To Love?:

What’s to love?

  •  You don’t have to do diaper laundry, remember to buy disposables or even wait at home for shipments.
  •  You can get everything you need for diapering from a diaper pail to rash cream from one source, delivered to your door.
  •  It is cheaper than buying disposables and better for the planet.


What’s not to love?

  •  Receiving all the things you need for one week  of diapers (like 70 diapers!!) will take up quite a large section of your nursery — There was a lot more bulk than my usual drawer of 15 all-in-ones.
  •  70 soiled diapers that have been ‘marinating’ in a waterproof bag for a full week can lean towards the smellier end of the spectrum of smelly things..

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Conventional disposable diapers are loaded with scary ingredients, many of which they are not even required to list. These chemicals and plastics will spend hours on your babies largest organ, the skin, and can even off-gas toxins into the air in your home. There is also evidence that one of the most common diapering health problems- diaper rash- is linked to using disposables. The average baby goes through around 7,000 diapers in their diapering-days.  Selecting quality cloth diapers and washing them in a non-toxic way is a daily decision that could have great health impacts for your tot.

Happy Baby Cheeks is committed to using stringent washing policies to make sure that harmful bacteria is destroyed in the washing process without jeopardizing the planet or our babies new skin with harsh and toxic chemicals such as bleach.

Design Rating:

The design of the premium cloth diapers used at Happy Baby Cheeks is a fairly standard version of the 2-in-1 Diaper — An absorbent inside diaper that is topped with a water-proof cover to keep clothes and furniture clean and dry. It is an effective system because only the washable inside diaper gets totally soiled and needs to be washed each week while the outer liner can be quickly wiped and used again right away.

Waste Rating:

Obviously reducing disposables or skipping them all together helps significantly reduce your family's landfill impact. And for some diaper service may actually work out to be greener than buying your own set of premium cloth diapers. With diaper services like Happy Baby Cheeks you can be sure that the diapers will be washed in a very full load each time they are laundered. This reduces water waste in a big way. Even though cloth diapers are an obviously greener choice than disposables their can be a hidden wasteful truth about buying your own set, especially if you only plan to have one baby or don't have friends to pass them onto.  A good cloth diaper that is taken care of can last through many babies diaper wearing years. Despite diaper-swapping sites and kids consignment boutiques, the stigma of sharing things that touch poop prevails and many perfectly good cloth diapers that wind up in landfills.  With a cloth diaper service each diaper is used again and again over multiple clients until the end of its life.

Value Rating:

I was surprised at how economical cloth diaper service can be, even in comparison to your own set of cloth diapers. Especially when you take into account pay-per-load laundry and expensive diaper detergents and the rising cost of utilities. The savings only increase for families who know they are only going to have one child.

There is also the non-monetary value of being able to stop thinking about fitting diaper washing (and drying time!) into your busy schedule. This saved time and stress is only amplified for mothers who are back to work or dealing with diapering more than one bum. It was truly relieving to take a break from counting how many clean diapers I had left and doing ‘diaper math’ to time my laundry loads so that I never ran into a pile of soiled and drying diapers when I needed a freshie !