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Greenlid Compost

Greenlid Compost System is a product that is making composting easy for Canadians. Even those of us who hate messes, leaks, smells and all the other potentially annoying things that go along with this important green kitchen chore. They accomplish this by providing consumers with recycled cardboard containers that you can fill with compost and toss right into the bin. Easy breezy !

What's To Love?:

– Canadian made

– Recycled components

– mess-free composting solution


Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Whether you make your own compost for your backyard farm or patio garden, contribute to you municipalities green recycling program, or donate scraps to your local farmers market, composting is a no brainer for our planets health. In Vancouver as of January 1, 2016 it is illegal to throw compost in the landfill, a move that may inspire other municipalities to get serious about the environments future.

Design Rating:

A very clever design that allows families to compost without having to partake in the dreaded washing out of the bin. Cute enough to look nice on your counter top and sturdy enough to get the job done. Made from recycled end-of-life cardboard pulp, the Green Lid system is truly 100% green.

Social Rating:

A family owned business that is creating Canadian jobs and inspiring a movement to empower Canadian’s to do the right thing and get composting.

Carbon Rating:

When food scraps wind up in landfills they take a very long time to biodegrade (think longer than a human life span!) and release methane gas contributing to global warming. 40% of Canadian household waste is compostable. Every on-the-fence-composter that Green Lid can get to commit to 'the green side' will help decrease  our collective carbon footprint.

Waste Rating:

This product is taking old recycled cardboard and paper that cannot be reused again and giving it one last shot as a compostable compost bin. Which in turn helps divert plant-based waste from landfills and turn it into beautiful, rich, usable compost !

Value Rating:

The initial pack (with reusable lid) retails for $9.99CND and then 5-packs of refill bins is only $5.99. This is affordable for some, but may pose a financial problem for the average family who is eating a plant-based diet and creating lots of compostable materials each day. (Especially compared to the free solution of recycling an old container or pot into a compost bin and just rinsing it out.. ! ) Hopefully as the Green Lid movement grows they can reduce the cost of the system to a price point that average Canadian’s can afford with ease.