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GoPure Water Purifier

Water is necessary for life. The human body is two-thirds water. In North America many people have begun to drink bottled water for health and convenience reasons, and they pay a major price for this luxury. The truth about bottled water is that it isn’t always healthier, or safer than tap, and it is definitely more expensive for our pocket books and our environment! Nothing convenient about that.

The best solution for North Americans is to filter their tap water to ensure they are doing right by the environment and their health. But sometimes filtering on the go can pose a problem for those of us with active lifestyles. Enter GoPure, a revolutionary filter pod that lets you have the eco benefits of tap water and the health benefits of filtration without packing a Berkey or Brita to your yoga class!


What's To Love?:

  • portable and reusable
  • constantly purifying and protecting water (unlike brita syle filters)
  • remineralizes and balances PH
  • absorbs Chromium, Chlorine, Mercury, E. coli. , and many more impurities and toxins
  • Lasts 6x longer than carbon filters
  • Affordable

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Flip the pages of a health conscious magazine or visit your favourite wellness blog and you will run into lists of facts about how water is the key to wight management, clearer skin, healthy hair, and overall vitality. It’s no secret that water is important to all aspects of our lives, but not all water is equal. We need to be aware that water can carry a host of contaminants, many of which are detrimental to human health and environmental health. And these can be found lurking in our tap and well water.

This has caused many to turn to bottled water, but beware, it may not hold better water anyways. Bottled water actually has to meet less strict health and safety standards than municipal tap water according to the EPA, and about 40% of bottled water in North America began as just tap water anyways! Most bottled water available for purchase comes in plastic containers which can leach toxins into the water and aren’t good for the environment before, during, and after you’ve used them.

Thankfully Go Pure filters out Chlorine, Nitrate, Fluoride, E.Coli, trans-1, 2-Dichloroethene, Benzene, Arsenic, Chromium, Lead, Mercury, Zinc, Aluminum, Cadmium and a host of other impurities. And can be used in a variety of different non-plastic reusable containers.


Design Rating:

The beauty of GoPure pods is their simple and functional design. As I was using my pod I was wondering why this only hit shelves December 2016?!?! Unlike other water bottle filtration systems, GoPure can be used in any vessel, no special requirements. You can pop it into your coffee pot, camping water supply, gym water bottle, pitcher of water at a restaurant, or even in your pets bowl.

Carbon Rating:

Bottled water is a huge increaser of your personal carbon foot print. Water is heavy, and transporting it by air or truck can add up to tonnes of emissions. Most bottled water comes in plastic bottles, all of which are made with fossil fuels. And then there is the carbon footprint of recycling the bottles (if consumers actually put them in the recycling after they use them...), many of which are actually shipped to other continents for processing.

Waste Rating:

Even though plastic water bottles are recyclable, only around 15% make it to the correct facillity each year. The rest end up in landfills. It also takes 3 Liters of fresh water to make 1L of bottled water. Which means the business of water is one of the biggest sources of water waste ! GoPure is a great way to cut out bottled water and the waste associated with it. And when you're done with GoPure you can safely recycle and compost it's components.

Value Rating:

At $25USD per pod, GoPure is a great value for anyone who needs to purify their water on the go. It’s especially valuable for folks who are currently relying on bottled water with savings of thousands of dollars each year. A conservative estimate places a gallon of bottled water at $1.22USD. Which is 300 times more expensive than tap water!!!

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