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Foster Naturals

Foster Naturals was a total treat to review! We had the pleasure of trying out their Field Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner. From the first wash I was hooked and have been getting compliments on my hair ever since. When I began my research into their ingredients and philosophy is when I started to get VERY impressed. Their website is a must read for anyone who is getting on the natural beauty bandwagon. They breakdown all of the ingredients  they use in their products (as well as the ingredients they choose to omit). It is one of the most well layed out and comprehensive resources on the topic I have found !

Their product is excellent, but their genuine commitment to changing the landscape of natural products is what is truly inspiring.

What's To Love?:

  • Made with totally natural ingredients
  • Avoids using the ‘dirty dozen’ chemicals regularly found in wellness products
  • Locally made in Vancouver BC with fair-trade ingredients
  • Committed to sustainability and environmental health
  • Family run small business
  • Certified cruelty free
  • large product range that includes hair, skin, baby, pet, and home products

What’s Not To Love?

  • Slightly more expensive than other natural brands
  • Currently only shipping to Canadian addresses

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Unlike so many brands out there, green or conventional, Foster Naturals is committed to creating products that are effective AND healthy for the planet and those who use them. They accomplish this by using totally natural, organic, sustainable ingredients that are simple and pure. There are no cost-cutting synthetic fillers or green-washing tactics employed. They have a full disclosure policy to help consumers with sensitivities figure out exactly what is in the formulas . In addition to disclosing what goes into Foster Naturals products they also have published an exhaustive list of the chemicals that will never be found in their line.



Design Rating:

Foster Naturals commitment to using only certified organic, 100% natural or premium plant-derived ingredients has made their products effective and indulgent. Skipping synthetics and fillers ups the cost but more than pays off in results.

Everything is packaged in beautiful and simple upcycled biodegradable bottles. A stylish addition to the ledge next to my bathtub.

And I will say it again, one of the most informative and gorgeous websites ! Very easy to navigate and full of inspiring information. You can also use their super easy web store to purchase your products online and ship anywhere in Canada.

Social Rating:

Foster Naturals goes above and beyond in the category of social responsibility. They are a family run company that is committed to creating local jobs. They also prioritize ingredients from farmers that are utilizing fair trade, biodynamic, permaculture and organic practices, this helps elevate their product and ensure that all the workers, animals, and environments involved are being treated with respect.

They also hold third-party certification from Leaping Bunny.




Carbon Rating:

Foster Naturals keeps their carbon footprint low by prioritizing locally sourced ingredients, packaging, and manufacturing. They also only work with international groups and farmers that uphold organic and fair trade methods.

Waste Rating:

All the products come in Recyclable bottles which means that they never need to enter a landfill. Their chemical free, organic formulas are also totally waterway and septic safe, which means that they aren't going to create toxic waste water that is impactful on marine and land environments.

Value Rating:

$25.99 for a 475ml bottle of shampoo is slightly more expensive than some of the other ‘natural’ hair care products widely available at stores in Vancouver, but as an avid natural beauty junkie I can promise that this salon quality shampoo and conditioner is worth the extra few dollars.

Green Mama Approved