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BOOK REVIEW Family Business: Innovative On-Site Child Care Since 1983

Family Business: Innovative On-Site Child Care Since 1983 (Patagonia Press) is everything you guessed it would be. A photo heavy glimpse into the history and evolution of the ground breaking Patagonia on site child care centre as told by the perennially cool and ahead of the curve foremothers Malinda Chouinard and Jennifer Ridgeway. Written with honesty, humour, and business sense, this coffee table book will be thumbed through with a smile by many.
The book subtly asks the question why should business care about families? and has answers that appeal to workers, parents, future parents, childcare professionals, and the most discerning CEO or business minded critic. It also asks the question:  what constitutes great child care? Not only for the parents who are looking to keep their kids safe, but for the childcare worker and the kids who are enrolled. Through an organic approach and lots of trial and error we trace Patagonia’s path and arrive at one of the most ground breaking and award-winning child care centres in the nation. It’s no wonder that graduates of the Patagonia Child Care Centre are now working for the company and dropping their own tots off for daycare there!
Patagonia proves again why it is a true lifestyle brand that goes well beyond their early narrative of young men who are in love with the great outdoors and adventure sports. They showcase how a brand built on love and respect, for things like freedom and nature, as well as spouses, women in the workforce, and children, can rise above the status quo and take your employees and profit margins to the top at the same time. A great case for what can happen when you let women (and babies!) into the boardroom.
Family Business offers an inspiring, attainable, and elegant model worth emulating: a forward thinking, family centred, feminist and financially sound plan to help both businesses and families.