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Erbaviva Organic Personal Care

Like so many great companies, Erbaviva was launched by parents who were seeking truly natural and pure products for their new baby and couldn’t find anything to meet their high expectations and rigorous standards. But unlike many of these new social and environmentally sustainable ventures, Erbaviva’s journey began 20 years ago in 1996; making the brand a pioneer, trendsetter, and now mainstay, in the world of organic skin care. From humble beginnings, founders Robin Brown and Anna Cirronis have built a beautiful and truly green line of effective products for the whole family.

Some of our personal favourites from the Erbaviva arsenal are the very industrious lip and cheek balm, the baby butter, and of course their amazing sunscreen.




What's To Love?:

  • Is certified Organic by USDA, Biodynamic by DEMETER, and is a registered B Corp
  • Sources the best natural ingredients and combines them simply and effectively
  • Full line for baby, mama-to-be, and the whole family
  • Handcrafted in Califonia
  • Works with BlinkNow and Sop Moei Arts to provide opportunities in developing economies
  • Parent-run business

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Erbaviva products prioritize including the healthiest and safest ingredients for you, your family, and the earth. This means not only USDA organic certification (meaning that 95-100% of the ingredients are organic) but also Demeter Biodynamic certification, an even more stringent set of guidelines that ensures that everything from the soil, farm workers and seeds remain healthy.

With the list of chemicals available in household products growing longer every year its great to see a company like Erbaviva taking extra steps to ensure safety and health in their products.


Design Rating:


Erbaviva has clearly been in the organic skin care game a long time. Everything from packaging to product is luxurious and effective. They are a shining example of how very simple and high quality ingredients can give you amazing results when it comes to skin health. It’s easy to see why this stylish  company is “the trusted brand for every enlightened beauty-seeker who demands truly organic products”.

We’ve been particularly obsessed with the baby balm. My son loves how it smells and when he sees the jar he points at his nose and asks for more. I like to think the rosemary and lavender essential oils are helping my wild child relax 🙂


Social Rating:

I addition to being natural and organic personal care product pioneers, Erbaviva gives back by donating to the BlinkNow foundation which runs a children’s home, school, and women centre in Nepal. Check out BlinkNow to see the great work being done.

Erbaviva also uses fabric bags and baskets made by  Sop Moei Arts, an artisan support project that benefits craftspeople in Burma and Northern Thailand. This non-profit is able to simultaneously create financial opportunities for the craftspeople they work with and foster traditional art and culture in a rapidly changing global landscape.


Carbon Rating:

From farm to bottle, Erbaviva is committed to sustainability in all facets of its operation. This means making the personal care products by hand in their Southern California facility that is powered by renewable energy. erbaviva

Waste Rating:

Erbaviva uses sustainable packaging that is able to be recycled, but I imagine that many of the beautiful and useful dark glass apothecary jars will be upcycled in my home once I am finished their contents.

Value Rating:

Erbaviva’s line is moderately priced. It can seem expensive in comparison to other natural brands at first, but when you scrutinize labels and look at certifications, Erbaviva is giving you so much more for your money than competitors. A very worthwhile investment. They also have bundles, like the super fun Festival Essentials Bundle, that help you save money.

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