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Enchanted Slumber All-In-One Organic Sleeper

Enchanted Slumber is a mother-run company that has crafted and organic all-in-one sleeper that is functional and gorgeous! Founder, Anna, noticed how parents were struggling each day with mats, pillows, and blankets for their kid’s school nap-time routine. She decided that she could make a portable sleeping bag that was easier, safer, and more adorable and Enchanted Slumber was born. From sewing lessons, to selling handmade creations to classmates, to winning design awards, the grassroots journey of this company is as organic as the cotton the sleeping bundles are composed of! Read on to find out why we love Enchanted Slumber All-in-one Sleepers !

What's To Love?:

  • Award-winning design
  • Made of all-natural materials
  • GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Made in the USA
  • Mother-run business
  • Stylish and whimsical patterns

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Cotton is the most pesticide sprayed crop on earth. Since we can absorb chemicals through our skin, selecting clothing and bedding from certified organic cotton and other natural chemical free fabrics is a must. This is even more imperative for the little ones in our lives because children have more surface area to body mass than adults. Which means that comparatively they have more skin to bone, brain, muscle and organs than we do and are therefore at heightened risk of absorbing toxic chemicals through their skin when they come into contact with non-organic textiles.

The Enchanted Slumber Sleeper is an easy way to get the health benefits of natural and organic materials. It is also great for bringing to daycare or school for nap time in place of the mats provided by your care facility. Due to strict laws and licensing, many care providers are forced to use foam based mats with flame retardants in them. They also must spray each mat with a bleach solution between uses to cut down on communicable diseases within childcare facilities. This all adds up to a crazy chemical storm beneath your precious sleeping babe.

Design Rating:

The All-In-One Organic Sleeper is a well-rounded triple threat. With style, sustainability, and comfort all vying for dominance in the final product. The neat little bundle opens up into a mat, blanket, and pillow; just the right size for a toddler or preschooler.

The bespoke fabric choices are dreamy. We chose the A is for Alphabet pattern, with little creatures and vignettes forming the letters of the alphabet all over the quilt.  (Very Waldorf 🙂 ) Not only are the fabrics designs adorable, but they are made from GOTS Certified Organic cotton fiber and dyes. The mat is comprised of 6 layers of USDA Certified Organic Heirloom Cotton Batting. And to top it all off, pièce de résistance, an organic lavender-buckwheat pillow. That is correct, the pillow has been lovingly filled with organic buckwheat and lavender. Your child could eat this pillow if they wanted. It smells A-MAZ-ING. It is so comfortable. It is aromatherapy awesome!

I also love the little details, like the tag to write your child’s name, that make the Enchanted Slumber Sleeper feel personal and extra special.


Social Rating:

The global textile industry is increasingly becoming a world leader in waste, environmental degradation, and inhumane working conditions. From chemical dyes in water ways, to piles of “fast fashion” in landfills, to thousands of lives lost in factory fires, we need to start thinking of the big picture when it comes to the fabric in our lives.

By choosing to use Organic and GOTs certified materials and manufacturing the entire product in the USA, Enchanted Slumber is choosing to take a stand against these injustices and forge a new sustainable path.

In addition to helping to rephrase the paradigm of what constitutes ethical textiles, Enchanted Slumber is taking a portion of each sale to help donate goods to children in need through various charity organizations.


Waste Rating:

Enchanted Slumber arrived to our door step in minimal packaging that was made of recycled paper and was completely recyclable/compostable.

Value Rating:

The Enchanted Slumber All-In-One Organic Sleeper is a handmade heirloom quality product that lives up to its award-winning hype. And with such an authentic brand story and attention to detail comes a fitting price tag. At $175USD, this is an investment piece for many. If you hurry you can catch some patterns (including A is for Alphabet) on sale now for $158.

The Sleeper’s are intended to “last beyond the joys of childhood”, meaning that they are the sort of item that can be handed from one napping toddler to the next. With GOTS certified organic textiles, stylish and intuitive design, made-in-USA label, and a lavender-buckwheat pillow (! ! ! !) the cost is more that reflected in the finished product, an all-in-one roll-up sleeping bag fit for your prince or princess.