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Colorhouse Paint

This is a Rating, but a full review is in the works. Why do it? because people want to know NOW what are safer products and Colorhouse is one of the first green paints I really became a fan of. Check back in January when we put it to the test to see if it is as inspiring to use as it is to read about!

Paints are important. Paints in indoor spaces where are children are VERY important. (Read more about how to find safer, healthier options.)

In general our homes and other indoor spaces are many times more polluted than the outdoor air and in my work, I usually find that the nursery is the most toxic room of all. The largest contributor to this bad indoor air are paints, finishes, glues, and other VOC (volatile organic compound) containing products. VOCs are linked to allergies, asthma, headaches, neurotoxic effects (such as learning disabilities) and even cancer. Formaldehyde, one of the most notorious VOCs, is a known, class 1, human carcinogen. In fact, it is such a huge issue that these are considered the second largest contributor to VOC air pollution after vehicles. (BTW, Canada is the worst of all the developed countries in its VOC pollution, ranking last place out of  17 peer countries., producing almost 60 kilograms of VOCs per capita. “That’s six times more than the Netherlands, the best performer. Most of the European countries—except Norway—and Japan received “A” grades. Canada and Australia were the only countries to receive a “D” on VOC emissions per capita.”)

What's To Love?:

  • Perhaps the best part of Colorhouse paints is that they have just gotten easier to find… they are now available at Home Depot online and in their stores around the Chicago area and you can even  Buy Colourhouse on-line and still get their expert colour advice online.
  • Colorhouse paints stand apart from other No VOC paints in that they are still No VOC after adding pigment (which can contain enough VOCs to throw other paints out of the ranking), they also say tout their paints as having “no toxic fumes, no reproductive toxins, no chemical solvents, and no bad colours!”
  • They are a woman-owned company started by artists and seem particularly proud of their green standards and their great paint colors. They also boast recycled content containers, LEED Gold manufacturing facility, and a final product that is Green Wise Cold certified and LEED compliant. They aren’t GreenGuard certified. Not sure why.

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