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Born to Eat: Whole, Healthy, Food from Baby’s First Bite

Born to Eat: Whole, Healthy, Food from Baby’s First Bite (Skyhorse Publishing) is a new guide to babies first foods by Leslie Schilling and Wendy Jo Peterson. Offering a practical approach to baby led weaning that explains why this rising ‘trend’ isn’t a fad at all, but rather the way to empower  children (and adults!) to be lifelong eaters and food enthusiasts. It takes the view that eating food is natural and innate, and that we can get back to basics without input from the marketing and PR professionals who have been dominating the baby food scene since the mid 19th century.
This soon to be classic is broken down by age group, so you can begin your whole foods journey no matter how old your tot is. It also contains sage advice for the whole family, so even older children and partners can benefit from your newly read knowledge.
We love that Schilling and Peterson employ a common sense approach that is backed gently by science, expertise, and mothers intuition. Born to Eat is an easy and empowering read for any parent who is looking for affirmation in their weaning journey. Busting the myth that there is one perfect way to feed a child, and instead focusing on how to honour your child and yourself in the early days of solid foods and beyond.

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