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BOOK REVIEW – Living Right by Laila Ibrahim

Living Right is about a family’s struggle to reconcile the news of their son’s attempted suicide, his homosexuality, and their Faith. When the advice of their Pastor seems to shake up their own best judgement, parental instincts, and intuition, the family must forge a new path or risk loosing their son altogether.

Although Living Right is a work of fiction it is easy to see how this story could play out in real life. For me it gave a unique first hand glimpse into the reality that many LGBTQ teens must face when coming out to their religious families.

On the surface this tale is about Christianity and homosexuality, but the underlying themes of love, tolerance, and compromise can be broadly applied to most readers life experiences. At its heart Living Right is about trusting yourself above advice from others and the strength of family in times of strife.

Living Right is an easy and compelling read. Laila Ibrahim has done an excellent job of creating strong characters to help draw the story along at an engaging pace. Something to quickly settle into, with a message that lingers and impacts your thoughts and actions after putting it down. A must read for parents navigating the often tough waters of raising teenagers.