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Boba 4G Baby Carrier

I wanted to wear my third baby. I never really got to baby wear with my first two: the eldest who is almost 13. I was a different kind of parent at that time.  This is my last baby and I want to do everything that I never got to or always said I would. So this time I am doing cloth diapers (which are so easy by the way), breastfeeding, and baby-wearing.

Hazel was born prematurely and loves touch. From the moment she came home from the hospital, she wanted to snuggle close. She loves  all slings, but I must love the Boba. It’s easier to adjust and much more comfortable to wear.



What's To Love?:

  • It’s the most economical of the high-end soft carriers. This one cost about $128 USD–similar to the Ergo and other similar carriers, but it comes with EVERYTHING you need. For instance, it came with an infant insert that I didn’t have to purchase extra. This little bit snaps together on the bottom to create a seat–super easy–and then after the baby is ten pounds you just snap it out.  (So, I saved about $20 in similar models). Similarly, my husband would need extender straps with other similar carriers, but not with the Boba, which adjusts to fit even larger men. (Without needing to pay $20-$30 for extra straps.)
  • There are little pockets for keys or a wallet.
  • I love the look, it’s so cute. And, it doesn’t cost extra to get the sweet colours and styles.
  • It is super adjustable and the accessories to make it go from preemie size to a toddler carrier are included!
  • It’s really, really comfortable!
  • Fits a child 0 to 48 months and 7 to 45 pounds and a parent (or whomever your carrier is) from 5 foot to 6’3” and 25″ to 58″ in the waist.
  • Including little feet supports for older toddlers, purse holders, adjustable hoods, sliding chest strap, and the infant insert and extenders mentioned above.

I do miss not being able to wear her on my front (but when I see people wearing the front-style carriers, the baby doesn’t look nearly supported enough.) It’s really my only complaint. I love this carrier.



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Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

  • There is an organic cotton option.
  • Also, for health, the carrier is designed ergonomically both to preserve the back of the person carrying and for the child–putting their legs in an ergonomically appropriate position.

Design Rating:

This carrier is gorgeous, sturdy, ergonomically designed, and uber flexible with the infant insert designed in and maximum flexibility for size both of wearer and baby. You can wear the child on the front, back, or hip. Everything is attached right to the carrier (except for the feet straps for when the child is a toddler and being carried long distance.)

Social Rating:

It’s “responsibly” made in China. They ensure that their factories are paying fair wages  and working fair wages and don’t employ children.

Carbon Rating:

While the company isn't doing anything particular around energy or carbon (and they are making it in China), they do provide an organic cotton option (which reduces the carbon footprint over traditional cotton) and they make walking and taking transit much easier.

Waste Rating:

The Boba came in a small, rectangular box with minimal packaging and is 100% recyclable and made from recyclable materials. As well, the Boba itself will last a really long time I am guessing and represents so much less waste than

Value Rating:

As I’ve already said, this carrier is clearly the value-leader! I love it!!

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