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Bella Organics Deodorant Creme

Did you know that the average woman uses 12 personal care products every day? And that, according to the Environmental Working Group, those 12 products contain a whopping 168 unique ingredients?! After learning more about the risks associated with some of these ingredients, I gradually began to swap my cosmetics for greener alternatives. I’m not always as zealous as I should be, but there is one product about which I’m a stickler: anti-perspirant. While there is no conclusive evidence linking the use of anti-perspirant and breast cancer, I would still like my deodorant – a product used daily – to be free of aluminum and parabens.

Bella Organics creates organic, aluminum-free deodorant that works amazingly well. I also sampled a tube of their organic lip balm, and I am impressed; I can’t wait to try more products from their body care line. Learn more at:

What's To Love?:


  • This stuff REALLY works. Believe me, I have tried my fair share of natural deodorants, and most are not effective for me. I had resorted to making my own, until I discovered Bella Organics. You’ll still sweat, as it’s not an anti-perspirant, but you won’t stink.
  • Did I mention that I run? And I live in the south? And this deodorant still has me smelling good at the end of the day? I can’t stress this enough. The Iced Lemonade scent smells delicious.
  • The ingredients! All organic, all familiar items with names that I can pronounce.
  • The lip balm that I sampled is close in texture and consistency to drug store lip balms, which is a big plus for me. Most natural lip balms that I try feel a little too slippery and oily.
  • The packaging: jars are often easier to either reuse or recycle than the regular plastic stick deodorant packages.

The consistency and application of cream deodorant can be an adjustment or hurdle for some people. When I first tried a cream, it felt a bit weird to scoop some out of the jar and massage it into my armpits. However, this is the smoothest cream deodorant I’ve tried, making it a breeze.

Overall Rating:

Health Rating:

Design Rating:

Beautiful, functional packaging and products.

Social Rating:

This mama-owned company pays its employees a fair wage and values the importance of a positive work environment.

Carbon Rating:

All products are made locally with plant-based essential oils and extracts. Packaging is comprised of 100% recyclable materials. One of this fairly new company’s goals is to provide 80% of its products in biodegradable materials within the next few years.

Waste Rating:

All packaging is 100% recyclable. The deodorant jars are easier to reuse than plastic stick deodorant packaging.

Value Rating:

At $10.25 for 2oz, this is pricier than some – but not all – natural deodorants. However, I’d much rather pay a few more dollars for something that I know will work, rather than continue to try, and sometimes waste, various ineffective deodorants.

Green Mama Approved